A loud explosion filled the area as a smaller looking woman with white wavy hair and red eyes who wore a hooded sleeveless shirt, barely dodged the impact. Her calm eyes studied the smoked filled area around her as she tried to think of what to do. large steps were heard in front of her as she looked at her opponents shadowed figure.

She began to back up so she would not be seen, but suddenly she felt something press on her right hand. she looked in that direction to see a large piece of metal sticking into the ground and then an idea struck her mind, she looked back to see her towering foe in front of her still searching through the smoke. In that moment she knew exactly how to end this. She grabbed the metal piece as best she could with her hand and closed her eyes. She started to breath slowly and suddenly around her body and the metal piece started to glow a faint purple hue, she slowly began to open her eyes with the same calm look as before and she could feel the metal object as if were her own body and began to pull the object from the ground.

In her mind she knew how this would end.

Oriana Complex

In the 6th dimension, space travel is at its peak. Star ships can travel from galaxy to galaxy in only a week, where artificial intelligent life forms are extremely common, Bio weapons are normal everyday people and plentiful. Different races of beings coexist with each other and the idea of magic is an academic study. Out of all these limitless and extraordinary beings, our story begins with a human military doctor named LT Flynn Topa, a 22-year-old who has no bio enhancement, can't really perform magic and is overall just an average human. He is a part of a smaller special forces unit on board a ship known as the Drebin, with him and his AI assistant Mia, as the only medical personnel on board. Though Flynn may very well be about a measly fly on a celestial body, his potential has yet to be discovered.

Chapter 1- What a holiday

The infirmary has been quite lively today, more and more injured people have been showing up every hour. Though I guess that can't really be helped, it is a holiday after all and People tend to get crazy when it comes to free time. I wonder if the quite one is going to show up today, every other day there she is with a new injury to fix...


Speak of the Devil.

"What did you do this time." I said as I opened the door and sure enough there she was, Sgt Yuuie Colenzo, all 5'2 of her with her big red eyes, white wavy hair and wearing her usual no sleeved hooded shirt and black shorts with long black boots. Looks like she has a wound on the side of her stomach... this time.

"Come on in and sit down in the usual spot" she makes her way past me not saying a single word like she usually does and sits down on the medical chair, I make my way over to the medicine cabinet and take out all the necessities for a gash wound, Goss... Towel...ointment...disinfection pads oh and can't forget thread in case she needs stitches. I walk back over to her and she already has her shirt off and ...man that wound is really deep. I place everything on a side tray next to the chair. "Now..." I pick up a towel and dampen it, "let's begin".

After about 30 min, her wound was successfully cleaned up and now it's time to apply the stitches, I stick the needle in her skin and like every other time she does not flinch or say a word... Or show any sense of emotion. Sometimes I think I'm just repairing a cyborg, but nope she's a real living being just like me.

"So I take it you were trying to push your Assimilation training to its limits again?" I bluntly ask her knowing she won't say anything, all she does is look away from me, meaning I was right. I laugh at her gesture,

"Yuuie, you come in here almost every other day, aren't you tired of getting fixed up?" Yep I knew she was going to look at me like that, giving me the "seriously..." Look. "Hey, it was honest question... Annnnnd Done! Alright your all fixed up now, sooo same time tomorrow?" She looked away from me and lifted her shoulders up making a maybe gesture. She then grabbed her hoodie and threw it on as she left the room... "Without so much as a Thank You!"

"Look I know it's a holiday and you don't have a skull. But next time you get drunk don't try to stick your head into a vase", I rubbed my forehead frustratingly as I told the Squlion, a humanoid squid race whose heads looks like a… well, a squid, he looked down and sobbed.

"Alright now, have a good rest of the night and try not to get drunk again" it nodded and bowed thanking me before it left with its vase in its hand... Tentacles...I swear I still don't really even know what that thing is every time I see it... And I can never tell if that thing is a male or female even if the records say it's a male, I don't buy it.

I looked at the clock to see what time it was, 16:30... Whelp since it's that late already. I'm locking up and I'm going to go enjoy what's left of this "holiday" hopefully nobody dies while I'm gone. I get up from my seat and headed towards the exit while pressing a number combination into my handy but annoying communicator, from behind me i heard a voice chime in. "Good morning Flynn!"

"Mia its almost the evening" I told my rooms AI. It gasped and manifested itself in front of me, though her form is a hologram of child she is very smart and handy when it comes to helping me… most of the time.

"I'm sorry! I didn't realize it was so late! I should have woken up earlier" she said while pressing her pixelated hands together in front of her face, while squishing her camera eyes shut. I sighed with a laugh.

"You were up late last night re-writing a solider medical profile so its ok." I ruffled her data stringed hair earning a small giggle from her.

"look I'm going to go out for a few hours can you hold the fort?" Her image fizzled slightly and she was now saluting me,

"Hai!" I rolled my eyes with a small laugh as I began making my way out the room.

"Oh by the way, you don't salute indoors!" I yelled to her as I began walking down the ships hallway, I could barely hear her but I think she just said whoops.

*Phew* I sneaked my way to the out of the ship with no problems, so far. Thankfully we are in port on a planet called Serin an Earth like planet that is like a tourist attraction, so there should be something good to do around 16:4- scratch that 16:50. I guess time really does fly when you're trying to escape your post.

"Lt. Topa! I'm glad I found you!" Oh shit no, no, no please no... I turned and looked to my right and sure enough there was Captain Frank Leslie an Albino 45-year-old who has the strangest personality out of everyone I've ever met. Don't get the wrong impression now, I don't hate the man, we are actually good friends... It's just...

"Hey buddy I need to talk to you about something, can you come to my office?" That! He always has some mission or needs help! Last time I had to help prove that he was falsely accused so he wouldn't be executed for a murder he didn't commit.

"Actually I-"

"Good, good, now let's hurry this up before battalion becomes baboons" He grabbed my coat and started dragging me to his office.

Sigh…. I guess this means no free time for me, Damn it.

2 Hours later...

"Soooo you need a combat medic?" I said to sum-up his entire drawn out plan he went over.

"That's pretty much the gist of it yes, there will be a simple training exercise tomorrow to help break the crew out of the holiday funk, we shall start it at let's say um Oooo5:30."

I scratched my prickly chin at his OT time.

"Uhhhh you know Frank... no one is going to show up that early". He thought for a minute then responded,

"Well if they don't they will all be a bunch of hamburgers smashed into a Banana"...see he doesn't make any sense sometimes.

"Ok, who do you have in mind for the CM? I could train a few of the infantry men some basic medic-"

"I love It! You can be our CM tomorrow; I knew I could count on you!" I couldn't help but face palm, he's in one of his moods where he's so excited he does NOT listen to anyone. *sigh* I was not even going to volunteer myself, unless he was planning to use me from the beginning…

"FRANK!" He jumped out of his seat and then calmed himself all in a 2 second motion, Seriously why does he do that? I usually don't raise my voice, but I can't help it when he is being a moron!

"Look, you and I both know that I have NO experience when it comes to fighting. I can train a few people to help, but that's it. What are you going to do if you send your ONLY doctor to the front lines and he dies on the battlefield?" he looks like he is thinking hard now, I can tell because he has his hand on his chin. He then looked back at me.

"...So you'll be there tomorrow at 5?"

I sighed and gave up, "yes I'll be there..."

Damn it, not only did I get dragged into something I'm not qualified to do, It's now 19:00 and nothing is open, not even one booth! Please, there has to be something open, I mean come on today is a stupid cultural festival for Christ sake!

"Come on you bitch; you think you're so tough!" Oh great now there's a fight going on… Eh what the hell, It will probably be much more interesting then looking at all the closed buildings.

I made my way to a nearby bridge where I heard the loud noises and grunts so I'm going to guess this is where the fight is taking place, I looked over the edge and there was two unconscious people. Awe I missed it already, So the victor must be that one... Extremely... Gorgeous... Oh wait, it's just Kilaru, no wonder the fight was over so quick.

"What do you mean it's only Kilaru?" Ga! I forgot she's a Psychic that Damn Witch, how the hell did she even read me from that far! She was looking at me now from below the bridge with her fists on her sides giving me a grin, she then jumped up on the bridge next to me presumably using a wind spell because where she was at was kind of a long distance for a normal jump. She then proceeded to get close and wrap her arms around me.

"Now, what was that about me being extremely gorgeous handsome?" Here she goes again playing all seductive, by hugging and rubbing against me, even though we both know that she bats for another team.

"That doesn't mean I can't enjoy a good man every once in a while, Flynn"

"Can't you turn that stupid mind-reading off, it's kind of annoying." She giggled and pushed off me, now I could tell clearly what she was wearing, a traditional kimono except her back was exposed probably because of the festival, her long black hair was tied up and went all the way down her back and her stone grey skin and bright yellow eyes somewhat shinned from the sunset and not even one bruise from the fight she was in.

"You forgot to mention that I am part of a race of proud dragons and this is my home world." Yes of course, she is part of a humanoid race of Dragons called Aula. But right now, I feel more like arguing with her rather than explaining what or who she is.

"How about I bring up the fact that your singing voice is on par with a dying whale." I cockily spoke to her, in return she just gave me a smirk and partially showed off her fangs.

"How about I remind you of the last time you were about to get laid, and- "

"Okay, Truce. Please don't continue that sentence." I would really not want to remember what happened thank you very much.

She laughed by her victory… again, I swear I can never win in these games of wits with her. It literally takes two seconds for her to come back at me with a good one that I would really not like to remember.

"It's because you're so easy to read!" She teased me, I swear that mind-reading thing she has is annoying…

"Shut it…" was the only thing I could come back with. See, I'm really bad at this!

"Well I'll catch you later Flynn, I'm going to go enjoy the rest of the festival". She turned around and began chanting a wind spell.

Oh wait, since she's here I should relay the info I have from frank.

"Hey wait! Since your right here I have to let you know something!" I yelled to her, because her spell was really loud and obnoxious.

"Ohhh? What is it?" she stopped her spell and turned back towards me.

"Before I was able to leave the Drebin, the Captain told me to let any commanding officers know to pass down info to their platoons about a formation tonight at 22:00." I cringed as I said the time, seriously though 22:00? That's way too late.

"Great… I get to miss my favorite part of the festival… Alright I'll pass the info down to the platoon sgt, gezz I can already hear the moaning and complaints." She sighed and started to pinch her nose in frustration. Hehe, I'm not going to tell her that she does not actually need to go just her platoon. That's because Frank is going to message the details later for the higher ups.

"Wait really!? YES! HELLO DRAGON DANCE!" She jumped for joy, damn I really should have waited till she left to think that.

"Well then bye, bye Flynn! Enjoy what's left of the festival!" she started her wind spell again and for some reason stopped and turned back towards me.

"Hmmm since you got out so late your probably hungry. 3 blocks from here is a restaurant that lets you build models and order food. They are open until tomorrow morning because of the festival and I know how you like to build models. Well then, take care!"

With that last statement she flew off with her wind spell. You know we have a really weird friendship, but just like that she can be nice sometimes. Now she said 3 blocks from here is the restaurant huh, wait…did she even tell me the name and hold up, 3 blocks in which direction!?

21:00... 21:00! It took 2 hours, 2 hours to finally find the damn place! I swear tomorrow you better wait Kilaru I'm gonna get you back good for that one!

*Bzzt* *Bzzt* *Bzzzzt*

Hmm? No, no, no, no, no don't answer the communicator, it's just spam, it's just spam.

I walked in and took a seat and an Aula waitress came up to me and handed me a food menu. Because it was so late I only ordered a few rice balls and a salmon steak, then the waitress handed me a model catalog of what they had. I looked over the list until I found a unique red space cruiser. The Waitress nodded with a smile and left for the kitchen area.

I'm a little surprised by how many people are here, being as how I guess the main event, if you can call it that, starts in 2 minutes what did Kil say it was, Dragon Dance? Before I could think further on the subject the waitress came back from the kitchen and handed me the model. I began working on the red cruiser while I waited for my food... The reason I make models you ask? Well as a doctor it's important to always be good with your hands and have nice clean precisi- Huh?

I starred at a person who was sitting about three tables away from me.

Who is that sitting in the corner she looks familiar... Isn't that... Yuuie!? What in the world? She is the last person I'd expect to see here, hmmm I didn't know she liked building models, or anything other than hurting herself.

she then picked up her finished product and... Smiled... hmmm I've never seen her smile before... It's weird, she's always so pokerfaced. Maybe she's actually a big softy.

*Bzzt* *Bzzt* *Bzzzzt*

Oh for crying out loud...can't I catch a break? I took my communicator out and put it up to my ear... "What!?...Whoa, whoa slow down Mia, what's going on... Are you serious!? The Squid got its head stuck in a... how did that!...I'll be right there". I sighed once again for about the thousandth time today, as I put the unfinished model back in its box, put money on the table and left back to my room, so much for the holiday...

Authors notes:

Hello everyone and thank you for taking the time to read my first story ever lol. In this chapter I wanted to just get a feel for the main characters in the story, told through the perspective of our lead character. As the story goes on the perspective will change from character to character so it will not just be Flynn getting all the spot light as well as going third person. Also at the beginning of each chapter I will have a brief explanation of more of the world around the characters as well as to help set up the setting around each chapter. I hope you enjoyed this first chapter and look forward to future chapters!

Ps: I'll also be looking for beta readers if you want to help give me advice on the chapters I will be working on, please pm me if you are interested.