New Life

How can something be both exciting and intimidating?

We want to step forward and seek a new life.

But that little voice of fear keeps whispering in our ear.

"The world is too wide."

"The night is too dark."

"Stay here and don't venture out."

"Here is where it's safe."

But if we ignore that little voice.

And step out of that front door.

We will find something that we did not expect.

A new life is not as scary as we had thought.

Sometimes, things that look big, aren't.

Things that seem hard, are easy.

But first we have to let go of doubt.

And be willing to jump in.

You cannot fly if you don't leave the ground.

Comfort is a thing that we all want to run to.

It is necessary in our lives.

But it does not always come from the same place.

Thoughts? Opinions?