Here we go guys and girls... something I probably should have written years ago... my origin story for my crew! Hope you all enjoy, and please feel free to leave constructive criticism.



Every story starts somewhere. Has a beginning. Point of origin.

Ours is just a littleā€¦ stranger than most.

I know it may be hard to believe, but myself and my friends have spent most of the last eight years keeping aliens off this planet. Well, the bad aliens.

What may be harder to believe, was that this all started when I was only ten years old. I didn't even get to have a normal end to my childhood, or a chance to live my teens the way most others do. It's all been about fighting and surviving. The things I've seen, and experienced, go beyond what even a grown adult would have seen in their entire lives. Even cops and soldiers... they've barely scratched the surface of what true horror is...

But anyway, I'm getting ahead of myself... I haven't even told you who I am yet, have I?

I'm Jade. I'm still fairly short for eighteen, have short brown hair that sits just under my ears, and green eyes. Some say I look fit, others say I have natural curves. I'm not skinny, by any means, but after all I've been through, I'm not really overweight either.

All I do know is that I'm so far from that little kid I used to be. That little carefree girl who's only goal in life was to become famous by doing what she loved. My scars... if you could see them... speak much louder than the story I'm about to tell.

We thought our war ended just over a year ago, and our foes had finally given up. But... we were wrong.

And now... here we are, on the edge of our largest battle to date. They asked for our help, and we agreed.

We don't know if we'll ever see our home again, our families...

But this has to be done. The fate of both our worlds depends on the success of the coming battle.

Can we win this time? I don't know. Will we come out alive? It's possible... we won't.

But I know we have to at least try.

I have to at least... I owe my friends that much.

"Hey" I hear a voice behind me, and I turn to see my best friend there, smiling down at me. Her smile doesn't quite reach those puppy brown eyes of hers this time, and I understand why.

Her cheeks are flushed with exertion as she sits down next to me, following my gaze towards what is past the cliff's edge.

"It's beautiful" Is all I can say to her as I look out over the alien landscape. But she knows... she hasn't been my closest friend all this time for nothing.

We were a billion miles from home, on a planet that looked nothing like our own, but still... we knew what the other was thinking. Always had. We were more like sisters than friends at this point...

Like when we were little, she holds out her hand and I take it, squeezing it tightly. She returns it, and I feel her tremble a little as she tucks her legs up to her chest.

She's afraid... and so am I.

"Where are the others?" I finally manage to get out, turning to her. She looks at me, frowning a little.

"Preparing. But... I don't know how you can prepare for this. We are so out of our league Jade, I-"

"I know" I let go of her hand, putting it up instead to stop her train of thought "But we can do this"

The look on her face tells me she doesn't believe me. In fact, I don't think I'd believe me either, considering the odds.

We fall back into a comfortable silence, both of us thinking our own thoughts.

Right now, all I can think about is how it it all began...