Chapter 1

Fantasy worlds were supposed to exist only in fantasy. Books, movies, video games. A place to take one temporarily out of the drag of the day-by-day of reality. But when a hundred people are given the chance to live in one, no strings attached, it was somewhat like a dream come true, to use clichés.

I was one of the lucky ones. We were given a choice: we could leave this world, this stupid place. Of course, once we left, we'd be leaving everything behind. We couldn't go back either. That's okay though. There's nothing for me back there anyways.

Skaina: a world hovering in the skies. Sprawling civilizations exist suspended from the massive trees that grow from the ground. Large treehouses, connected through ziplines and bridges, make up the small civilizations spread throughout the world. The one exception is Sufrain, the World Capital. It sits atop the Skai Tree, higher than any other civilization.

Blank looked up at the blue sun with a blue-gray eye. No matter how many times he saw it, it was still surreal. A different universe, a different solar system, a different sun. Not even the sky was the same in this place. He shook his head, dirty blond hair flying about as he did so. There was no point brooding about it anyways; he'd been living in this place for over a year now.

His old boots dangled off the edge of the balcony, a surface world somewhere down in the distance, past all the trees. His own place, quaint by some standards, but homey for him. He shared it with three other people, since he wasn't exactly the richest person in the world. His part of the house was dark, as it usually was, but the rest of the wooden building was warm, lit by lanterns and lamps. Above him, a zipline stretched over his head and towards one of the large platforms that connected ziplines and bridges from houses and various buildings. The basket attached to the line was no doubt sitting by the platform on the roof.

Blank pulled at the scarf around his neck, the poorly stitched up tear looking somewhat like a crooked smile. Well, it was still useful so it didn't matter so much.

Not quite silent footsteps came from behind him, and the figure in the kimono came to a seat on his left side. Sukuna, one of this world's inhabitants, and his landlord so to speak. Sukuna tilted his head, and though the white mask with the red markings hid his face, Blank got the impression he was smiling.

Sukuna couldn't speak, but it didn't seem to matter; he had a strange way of making what he wanted to say known nonetheless.

Out here again, are you?

Blank shrugged.

Should you not be packing?

"Not much to pack."

Sukuna let his head fall back in a sort of silent laugh, the main telltale sign being the twitch of his elven ears.

You and the others are leaving tomorrow. The house already feels so empty.

And they were. Other than Sukuna, all the inhabitants of the home were people brought from Earth. It wasn't too unusual to see. For whatever reason, the hundred out-of-worlders seemed to have entered Skaina around the Skai Tree.

It was exactly a year from the day they arrived that the hundred were given a message. They were all to gather at Sufrain. Why, Blank didn't really know. Nor did he particularly care. When he'd entered this world, he'd decided to give up that human identity. It was of no use in this place.

Sukuna brushed a hand through brown locks.

Bring me back a souvenir, okay?

Blank rolled his eyes, but leaned into the warm touch of Sukuna's hand on his head anyways. "Sure, whatever."

You should get some sleep soon. You awaken early tomorrow, yes?

Blank sighed, but stood up anyways. "Yeah. Good night."

Good night.

A fantasy world… He wondered if it was anything like the movies.

Essentially, this exists because I need something new. I've been writing the same stories for so long I need something different to sustain myself. I promise I'm not abandoning anything else, and I can't assure frequent updates for those stories, but they will be finished if it's the last thing I do.

Onto story stuff though. I will be stricter with this one than the other two I have, now that I've learned my lesson on large amounts of characters. xD There will be around five main characters – perhaps a little more, depending on how many and what kind of characters I get – but the rest will make occasional appearances as minor characters.

Some guidelines:

First off, PLEASE label your PM submission with Skaina – [OC Name]
It makes things so much easier for me.

Each person has a max limit of 2 OCs; if one becomes a main character, the other will not, to keep things fair.

You are human. You will stay human. Compared to the other species in Skaina, you are below most of them in terms of power and all that jazz. On top of that, your OC was likely living a regular modern-day life until they arrived in Skaina. So don't try making yourself super overpowered.

Have fun! Be original! Story ideas are welcome!

Now, without further ado, here is the form! :) (I'll be posting it on my profile as well.)

Real Name: (First and last)

Preferred Name: (If your character has a nickname or if, like Blank, they chose a new name)

Gender: (If nonbinary, please specify preferred pronouns)



Hair Color/Texture/Style/Length:

Eye Color/Shape:

Body Shape/Skin Color:



Mental Disabilities?:

Physical Disabilities?:

Personality: (Try to be detailed so I can portray your character better! :) )




Strengths: (This includes in battle and similar such circumstances)

Weaknesses: (Same as above; and you can't be all-powerful. You're still only human)

History On Earth:

History – Year 0: (You've been in this world for a year; what did you do during this time?)

Why did you decide to come to this world?:

Do you regret your choice? Why?:

Specialty: (These are your occupations: Blacksmith, Healer, Mage, Assassin, Knight, and Freelancer. These will be important later on.)

Weapon of Choice: (Your limit is two, but identify one as your main)

Any Character of Importance?: (This can be another OC or Blank or an inhabitant of Skaina. Anyone in Skaina that is important to your character in some way or another. Please add name, gender, appearance, personality, and relationship with OC)

What kind of person would your character fall in love with, if any?: (I probably won't have too many relationships, but this is available for you nonetheless)

Most Important Object:

Pet(s)?: (This will mostly consist of species that don't exist on earth, and the creatures available for the most part have wings/are able to climb, but otherwise I'll give you free reign here)

Other: (anything else you want to add)