[Scene: Math's Office. Behind the camera is the currently faceless Courtney Katava, and in front of it is, in order of least to most confused, History, Math, Drama, and Reading.]

Courtney: Alright then, please take a seat.

[They sit down. Courtney remains standing.]

Drama: Who the fig are you?

Math: What, have you never watched The Learnhouse before? That's Courtney!

Drama: … Oh. *whispers* That's Courtney? Really?

Math: Shush.

Courtney: You two must be… Reading and Writing, right?

Drama: No, I'm O(rion)... Drama.

Courtney: Yeah, gotta make sure not to use your real name here. 'Could get doxxed.

Reading: *whispers to Drama* What does doxxed mean?

Drama: *whispers back* It's when you get your identity revealed on the Internet.

Reading: ...Well.

History: Welcome to the Learnhouse, O'Drama.

Drama: Shut up, History. This is why nobody likes you.

Reading: *whispers to Drama* That was cold. *Hi-Fives Drama*

Courtney: *camera shifts on to History* History?

History: *shuts book* what?

Courtney: I saw you. I saw what you were reading.

Math & Drama: *looks behind* What?

Reading: *has tuned out the others in order to read Steve X Bucky fanfic*

Courtney: He was reading anime. During our last time seeing each other.

History: Okay first of all, it's manga.

Math: Wait… What did you say?

Courtney: He was reading, ugh, manga.

Math: No no, after that.

Courtney: … Oh. Yeah, um… Goodbye. Here, give this to Science. *hands Math earpiece and camera* Gotta go. *leaves*

Reading: *looks up* What happened?

History: *angry* The camera and earpiece? Courtney, why?

Drama: Is this some kind of goodbye gift?

Math: No, they'll see each other again.

Drama: I don't know…

Math: Like, they have to, right? They're… Friends.

Drama: Yeah, but I remember in a previous episode, she said she really loved this camera. It seems more like… A dying message?

Reading: A will?

Drama: Yes, a will! Like the two of them are never going to see each other again…

Math: *camera toward Drama* That can't be… I'll give this to Science straight away. *mumbling* How do I turn off this thing...

[End Episode]