Prelude: Desperate Call

[Scene: Camera room. You know, like the room that people go in to do their to-camera monologue]

Math is in the room, looking to the camera.

Math: Hello everyone. I'm Math. I was a member of the Learnhouse a few years ago, back before all that… happened. I'm trying to get this show back on so I can see my old friends again. I'll be posting this video to as many websites as I can, in hopes that someone will see it.


Math: Science… You there? I know you said you wanted to discover yourself and all that, but I just want to talk to you again, you know? Just want to talk about the books we used to read, the games we used to play. I just want to… See you again.


Math: English… I'm sorry. Really. We disagreed on a lot of things, and me and Science picked on you, but you're a good person. You're a good friend. I mean aside from that whole thing that you did, that was honestly bad and you know that full well by now. If not for me, at least come here so you can redeem yourself, so you don't have to feel guilty for the rest of your life.


Math: The rest of you… Art, Drama, Music, Reading, Writing, and how could I forget Courtney... We were all such a great community, such a… Such a varied set of people with our own relationships and our own desires, we were such a good family. Come back here so we can try again, get this family going again without all the exploitation.


Math: I don't want to drag out this video too long, so I guess I'll just…

Math puts his hand on the camera.

Math: See you soon.

Camera turns off.

[End Scene.]

[End Episode]