Episode 2: The Anger

[New Scene: Reading's Office] [Lunch walks in] [Reading is reading]

Lunch: Hey, uh, Reading, right?

Reading: *ignores*

Lunch: Uh, Reading? Are you okay?

Reading: *ignores*

Lunch: *slaps the book out of Reading's hands*

Reading: What the frigging Heck was that for?

Lunch: Sorry.

Reading: You don't do that! EVER! Do you want to die today? Because I am going to kill someone today! Because of that!

Lunch: I'm sorry...

Reading: It's basic knowledge! The cardinal rule!

Lunch: I'm sorry.

Reading: Don't interrupt a game mid-battle! Don't interrupt a show mid-scene! And you absolutely do Not slap a book out of someone's hands mid-chapter!

Lunch: I'M SORRY.

Reading: You could have just carefully tapped me on the shoulder!

Lunch: I. AM. SORRY.

Reading: I can already tell you're going to continue this. I'm petitioning to have you voted off.

[Reading leaves.]

Lunch: I'm sorry…

[Begin in Math's Office.] [Show Math, working hard.] [Math looks up, sees the camera, and takes it, pointing it at himself.]

Math: Oh, hi. My name is Math. *Waves at camera* I'm one of the Alpha here at the Learnhouse. *Shows room with camera, you see a bunch of stuff* Yeah, this is my little room. It's all I have to myself, really. The rest is property of others, or just the Learnhouse in itself.

Reading: *passes by, looks at Math, and looks embarrassed* Hi, Math, where exactly is my room?

Math: Uh, I think just around the corner,

Reading: Thanks...

Math: And that's Reading. She's new here, a bit shy. But I get the feeling that she's a better person than me or-

Science: *Yelling* Hey!

Math: Science...

Science: Hey, Math, do you like graphs?

Math: Yeah...

Science: Well, come on then! Follow me!

[Science and Math begin running] [They keep running, and Science bumps into Drama.]

Drama: HEY! Watch where you're going, you uncultured swine!

Science: *Still running* Sorry!

[Math and Science stop at Science's room, both seeing a gigantic scatter plot.]

Math: Wow. Did you make this?

Science: Yep! It took a night of research and another night of drawing, but I did it! A scatter plot consisting of every graph commonly used!

Math: Is that a polar area diagram?

Science: Okay, maybe not that commo-

Math: And that's a rose graph right there!

Science: Fine! I put there whatever graphs I could think of!


Math: But still, this is a pretty great graph. You, sir, are a graph genius.

Science: Hah, thanks.

[New scene: A nearly empty room, AKA Reading's office.]

Reading: Oh, uh, hi. Do I have to be holding the camera for this?

Cameraman: No, not at all.

Reading: Okay.

Reading: H-Hello. My name is Reading. I've been selected to be in the Learnhouse, as a replacement for English. I, uh, like books, tumblr, and being with people who like me. I don't really know why they selected me... I'm just ordinary...

Cameraman: They needed a shy person to be here. Nobody here really fit that role, so we chose you.

Reading: Oh, I see... So they're going to take advantage of me... I'll be ripped to shreds.

Cameraman: No, they won't. They already pity you. You can use them!

[Reading SEXILY slaps the cameraman, the camera falls to the floor.] [The camera remains on the floor.]

Reading: I never wanted to be here! I never wanted this Learnhouse to exist! This stupid mental cataclysm you call a reality show shouldn't exist! I never watched it, you know. I don't know anyone here except Math, and that's because he greeted me when I came in!

Cameraman: *Picks up camera* Reading, I'm just the one telling you this. Don't shoot the messenger. Or slap him.

Reading: *Turns her back from the camera*

[New Scene: Science's office] [Science has "his" feet on the table.]

Science: Hey! I'm Science! I am Math's best friend, and, like him, one of the Alpha! Oh, uh, just so the newcomers know, Alpha means I'm at the top! One of the first to appear here! Reading, Writing, Dance, and Drama are all Gamma, Music and Art are Beta, and Me and Math are Alpha!

I can't wait for the Epsilon to come in next season!

Science: I'm not going to lie, I know a lot of stuff. And I love spreading that knowledge to the rest of the Learnhouse. 'Tis a great thing, knowledge.


Science: I wanna go home.

Cameraman: This is your home. Ever since you became a member of the Learnhouse, you can't leave.

Science: Yes I can. I can be voted off-

Cameraman: Meaning you have to have at least half of everyone in the Learnhouse hate you. Collateral damage includes the world hating you, and your parents disowning you. That might seem like an exaggeration, but show business is that way, okay? I highly doubt you have any skills that you could use in the real world.

[SEXY Silence.]

Science: Come to think of it, where'd Courtney go?

Cameraman: Courtney?

Science: The old cameragirl. She was… A friend of mine.

Cameraman: I don't know! Why would I know?

Science: *stands up* You replaced her! If I would have known I would have gotten her contact information! *grabs Cameraman by the shoulders*

Cameraman: *shoutingSEXILY* GET OFF ME!

Science: *startled* *backs away quickly* Whoa there, what's your problem?

Cameraman: *stammering* I… I just… I just I just don't like it when people touch me!

Science: Triggering?

Cameraman: Yes, you could call it that!

Science: Oh God. I'm sorry.


[More Silence.]

[It seems the cameraman is starting to calm down. Science sits back down and calms themself down.]

Science: I can quit...

Cameraman: Nope! You have a contract!

Cameraman: You are an Alpha, Science. You are one of the most important people here.

Science: So I'm just stuck here forever then?

Cameraman: Well, yes, until the day you die.

Science: Let's hope that day comes soon.

[New Scene: Reading's Office. Well, more like a library]

Math: Hey, Reading. Just thought I'd WHOA. This entire library is yours?

Reading: Y-yes. Have you a problem with that?

Math: No, it's just... Wow. and you set this all up in one day.

Reading: ...

Math: And would you look at-

Reading: ...

Math: Okay, what's going on?

Reading: Do you like being here? In the Learnhouse?

Math: Honestly, I like being here. With Science, with the Betas, I like having people around me.

Reading: But, you are only here just so you can entertain the masses! It's just...

Math: Okay, fine, they're watching our lives. So?

Reading: Our privacy is invaded completely-

Math: Wait. Just a sec... Where's the camera in this room?

Reading: There are-

Math: What did you expect? The masses are bored just seeing the main stuff. It's behind the scenes that they love!

Math: Let's see... Ah, there! You can see it pretty clearly right there! *waves*

Reading: That's what's watching us?

Math: Yep. You can talk to it if you want. It can't respond, but the whole world is listening. HEY! PEOPLE WATCHING!

Reading: How do you know they're watching?

Math: As an Alpha, and a computer veteran, I know the broadcasting of this. If they didn't show this on a certain channel, the Learnhouse would lose money. HEY! People watching this! Reading has just entered the Learnhouse, and is offended at this, so I'm going to say this:

Math: If you're going to watch our lives, then make sure that your own life is interesting enough for others to want to watch it!

Math: Fill yourself with ideas, accomplishments, emotions... Not this mindless drivel! The Learnhouse is a great place! Don't demean it!


Math: There. That was broadcasted worldwide.

Reading: What was the point of that?

Math: Tell me, before you entered the Learnhouse, how many friends did you have?

Reading: Uh, there's, uh, John, Rose, Dave, and Jade...

Math: Do you choose all your friends based on the number of letters in their names? Tell me HONESTLY.

Reading. *sigh* 0.

Math: Exactly! This place was originally made as a place for people to gather when they had nowhere else to go. It went a couple months before it was turned into a TV Show. Back then, there was just me, Science, and English. The 3 of us referred to this as Season 0. But then TV came in. The whole world expected more to happen. They expected more people.


Math: You know, I liked English. He was a good man. If this didn't become public, he wouldn't have left...

Reading: Do you wish I wasn't here?

Math: You should be here. I like you already. But this shouldn't be about money. This shouldn't be about people being voted out of the Learnhouse to never be seen again. This should be about people going into the Learnhouse, to be seen, accepted, and respected by all...

[New Scene: Unknown]

?1: He's going to ruin us.

?2: Should we "Vote" him off?

?1: Nah, the audience'll get suspicious. I say we vote off Reading.

?2: That might be good, if we don't she might wreck the whole thing.

?3: You guys... Don't. The audience already knows. If we kick out Reading, we'll lose so many viewers!

[New Scene: Art's Office] [Art is in a state of deep thought.]

Cameraman: Um...

Art: Shut up. I'm thinking.

Cameraman: What about?

Art: I really hate Science... I want to go home. To my real to the time when I was alone... When I had the whole world to myself.

Cameraman: You are the 3rd person to get upset about this. You can get depressed later. Introduce yourself now. Start of the season, remember?

Art: I suppose so. My name is Art. I'm a Beta here, I hate the Alphas, and I'm friends with Music and Drama. Well, you could say...

Cameraman: Yes?

Art: Never mind. I guess I don't really want to leave here. Not if it means...

Cameraman: Yeeeees?

Art: Not if it means, um, that I stop getting this money! Ha...

Cameraman: Do you want to leave? Yes or no?

Art: Well, I wouldn't be here if I didn't need to... I've made some good friends here... And enemies.

Cameraman: If you say so...

[New Scene: Music's Office] [Music is holding a viola, suggesting that it was played recently.]

Music: Hello. I'm Music. I'm a Beta here at the Learnhouse. That pretty much means that I lord over the Gamma. But that's all for now.

Cameraman: Phew. You're not upset about you're being here.

Music: Well why would I? This is a great place for me to get stuff done!

Cameraman: Oh thank God.

Cameraman: Anything else you want to say/

Music: Yes. To my family back home: Thank you for letting me be here!

[New Scene:Drama's Office. History, Dance, and Writing are there too.]

4 of them: HI!

History: I'm History! I'm a Beta, but no one really likes me! Well I don't like them either!

Writing: Well there was-

Drama: *Covers Writing's mouth* Oh, WRITING was about to make a MISTAKE. A SLIP of the TONGUE.

Dance: No, she was about to say- MPH! *Mouth also covered*

History: Nope! Nothing about me. Nothing about Reading! I hate them all. Except these three. Mostly.

Cameraman: (I am so gossiping about this.)

[New Scene: Unknown]

?1: So History has the hots for Reading, huh?

?2: It could just be a secret friendship…

?1: That never happens. Besides, why would he want to hide it?

?2: Yeah, I guess you're right.

?3: Voting either of them off could create massive chaos in the audience. We could gain so many viewers… Or lose them all.