[Reading gasps]

Reading: It's you!

Science: English! Where have you-


Math: Me too.

Reading: Everyone did.

Music: What happened to you? Do you remember anything about it?

English: Of course not, One day, I just woke up outside of the Learnhouse. I was told I was voted off?

Math: No, you just... Disappeared…

English: Surely that isn't right. One of you must of voted me off. Now who was it? Was it you, Math? Was it you, Science?


English: Of course, none of you would be willing to admit to it, to the most atrocious crime of all!

Writing: *Whispering* He looks familiar…

Reading: *Whispering* Of course he does, that's their son.

Writing: You mean… That's Espen?

Reading: Ssshhhhhhng* Yes, that's Mr. Garrison.

English: I can hear you whispering, you know. You're probably saying "Ooh, he looks familiar." Well of course! It's because of you lot that I had to make this place in the first place!

Reading: What?

Math: English! Are those the ones?

English: Yes, they are the reason I created this mess, and the reason you pretended to pity me. Those are Mary and Syren Sue.

Science: Sue… These are the ones who ruined your childhood? I kind of didn't think they would be our age.

Reading: I swear. It wasn't us. It was our parents.

Writing: Yeah, I swear, we had the exact same struggles as you did, probably.

English: My parents ignored me for 6 years! And when they didn't ignore me, they… Why would anyone want to bring me back to that?

Art: That's what we've been investigating. And we know the answer now.

Music: That's right. Put your hands up, History!

History: *sexily mutters* Damn.

Art: That's right. While you all were mourning English's leaving, we took some time to find out a lot about this dump.

[Art and Music assume a pose that was rehearsed as fuck]

Music: First of all,

Art: History, in your introduction, you said you were "connected" to lots of the staff here.

Music: Why is that? Why them and not us?

History: *muttering* 'cause you're all a bunch of figging nerds.

Art: We investigated a bit further. On a certain day, one involving a rather rude species of butterfly, you were the one who told Science about the butterflies being released.

Music: But how could you know that? The two of you live quite far away.

Art: And normally you spend your days watching reruns of SAO and Star trek!

Music: So,

Art: what happened there that day?

History: *muttering* I was recovering from feels…

Music: Who let the butterflies free?

History: *muttering quieter* In my defense, they were like Hitler. Very charismatic.

Music: I'm sorry, what was that?

History: *laughs at own jokes*

Art: What are you laughing about?

History: Thank you… For this… Now I'm not afraid to be cruel.

Music: *whispering to Art* Wait, what? Does this mean...?

Art: Yep. This is the part where he kicks us off