Entry 1: The Learnhouse

[New Scene: Math's office. It doesn't have as much stuff as we're used to, though.]

[Cameragirl walks in. .]

Cameragirl: Hi!

Math: *shocked* What the? Who are you?

Cameragirl: You can't tell? I'm the camera girl!

Math: Camera? What camera?

Cameragirl: Smile, you're on-

Math: Don't you dare.

Cameragirl: *sigh* You're on TV.

Math: WHAT?

Cameragirl: You're on TV. "The Learnhouse" is now a TV show. There are cameras set

up everywhere.

Math: But that can't be. I didn't set up any cameras when building this place.

Cameraman: I know. They did.

Math: Who?

Cameragirl: *chuckles* I'm not allowed to say.


Cameragirl: Well, good to get to know you. It's the start of the season! The pilot episode! Lighten up a bit!

[New Scene: English's office. It's… Pretty boring in here.]

English: Hello there. Who are you?

Cameragirl: You're on TV! I'm your cameragirl! The Learnhouse is now a reality show!

English: Wait.

Cameragirl: So, tell me about yourself.

English: I'm English. It was my idea to build this place but NOT my idea to LET YOU IN


Cameragirl: Oh, but this will be good for you! You'll make money, you'll get publicity,

and, in like a month, there'll be new people coming in here.

English: The new people bit is good. But I don't want money.

Cameragirl: Really? 'Cause I thought everyone wants money.

English: I'll just end up spending it all and regretting it later.

Cameragirl: What about publicity?

English: NO. Definitely not having that.

Cameragirl: *sigh* Well, too bad. We're making this happen.

[New Scene: Science's Office. It looks surprisingly similar to the Science's Office we know.]

Cameragirl: Hey, there, I'm-

Science: The camera person, I know. Math told me. He was quite angry, as am I.

Cameragirl: Can you just tell us about yourself?

Science: Here's the only fact you need to know: I do not like this. I do not like this one bit, and I swear to whatever deity you believe in, *snatches camera out of Cameragirl's hands* I will remove every single camera that has to do with the Learnhouse!


Science: Well, except Math's video camera. That's fine.

Cameragirl: Can I have my camera back? I bought that with my own money, and I'm quite proud of it.

Science: Oh, sorry. *gives camera back.*

[New Scene: Math's Office. It's the one we know. everybody's there, sitting down, listening to English.]

English: And I guess, thinking back, we should have tried harder to stop it all. I should have known that this would happen, that the company would take over.

History: Which company?

English: I don't know. They never said.

Writing: Did you remove all the cameras?

Science: *stands up* I did. But that didn't stop them from setting up new ones. Every. Single. Day.

Writing: They must have really wanted The Learnhouse to be a show.

Reading: But why didn't you just, like, legally kick them out?

English: Then we'd get the Learnhouse on the news, which is what they wanted and what they didn't want. We didn't want an audience, but if we had to have one, we wanted an audience that enjoys us intellectually.

Math: The show has a surprisingly intelligent group of viewers. We like that. Some of those people might end up here one day.


Math: Do you like it here?

Math: Do you want to stay here?


Math: Even with the cameras?

[More Silence.]

Reading: I like it here.

Reading: I like it with all of you. With Math, with Science, with History, with everyone. I'd rather be viewed by the whole world here than give up you all.

History: I-I quite like it here also. 'Tis a good place to be quiet, but a better place to be loud. It has a lot of great places for being alone to yourself, but at the same time…

Reading: A comforting sense of togetherness.


Dance: I… I'm staying.

Music: I'm staying here.

Art: *wraps arms around Music and Dance* I'm sticking with these people. *sexily eyeing Drama*

Drama: I have chosen to stay.

Math: You all want to stay? But… Why?

Art: Were you not just listening to our mini monolougues?


Science: Welp, looks like everyone wants to stay here.

Reading: Now that there are… *Counts all the people* *points to self* 10 people here, it should be much easier to get rid of all the cameras.

History: Good thinking, Reading. *mutters to self* Good thinking? Did I really just say that?

Science: Things are turning out better than I could have imagined! Let's do the thing!

Writing: Wait. I want to hear more.

Science: U-um, like what?

Writing: Tell me about the butterflies.