Entry 2: Butterflies

[New Scene: Science's Office.]

Science: Oh, hey Cameragirl.

Cameragirl: Ugh! I'm so tired of everyone calling me that!

Science: Cameragirl?

Cameragirl: Yes, Cameragirl!

Science: Oh, well, I recall you telling me you're female, but-

Cameragirl: That's not what I meant!


Cameragirl: Please just call me Courtney.

Science: That's your name?

Cameragirl: Yes. Courtney Katava.

Science: Catchy name.


Cameragirl: Oh, right, Science, you have a package. *hands Science the package.*

Science: What is it? *examines package* "To Science. These are fascist butterflies." Fascist? "They are the last of their kind, be careful with them."

Science: Courtney, do you know what these are?

Cameragirl: Let me look 'em up *takes out phone*

Science: Finally, someone without an ePhone.

Cameragirl: I found the Wickerpedia page for fascist butterflies. "This article is incomplete. You can help by expanding it." After that it's blank.

Science: That's not very helpful, now is it?

Cameragirl: I guess this means that these are the only ones to be observed. But how did the person who sent you this package get them then?

Science: What I'm wondering more about is-

Cameragirl: Why they're called "fascist" butterflies, right? I suggest you don't worry about the name for now. They don't have a full page on Wickerpedia, not even a picture of one.

Science: Yes, but that isn't saying much. Wickerpedia doesn't care as much about information as it cares about presenting a new article about Nick Page every week.

Cameragirl: Hey, Nick Page is in some pretty good movies! Remember Nationwide Hallmark?

Science: Oh yeah, I loved that movie. What was that one line? "I'm gonna…"

Science and Cameragirl: "I'm gonna rob the U.S. Mint."

Science: Those were the days.

Science: Anyway, my point is Wickerpedia isn't very reliable. I should update the article myself as soon as I can.

Cameragirl: But you can't. No original research, remember?

Science: Oh, right.

[sexy Silence.]

Science: Well, I guess I'd better get observing.

[New Scene: Science's Office (Current)]

Science: Come to think of it, I really loved Courtney. She was a great friend of mine.

Art: Yeah, you seemed to care more about her than about Math.

Math: *awkwardly shrugs*