Hell of a Guardian

Chapter 1

Chifiu and the Demon

Regelia Village, a community made up of a little over 1,000 people, however, there was something special about them. You see, while a good many lived normal lives, nearly a quarter of its population devoted themselves to one thing, demon slaying. They came in a few varieties, from hulking warriors, to quick and efficient ninjas, to bowmen who knew how and where to hit their mark. But how can this be? Were demons invulnerable to human made weapons? Every attempt their made at cutting them down would only result on them reattaching the limb or healing themselves at an extremely rapid speed. Well that's what many thought for the longest time, but there is a way. By infusing a simple sword with holy magic from a church or shrine, one could slay a demon with ease. They weren't the only ones though, a total of ten different villages began devoting their lives to demon hunting. But are they all so bad? That's what you're about to find out.

The day began as any other, the men were tasked with bringing in food and supplies, while the women were busy selling said items for a profit. However, a select few were busy with something even more important, protecting the village. While being located in the middle of the Tyran Jungle meant dealing with the occasional wild beast, there were monsters far scarier hidden in the shadows, ones that feasted on human flesh and souls. They knew no mercy and would shred an innocent kid to pieces if it meant getting a meal. They'd seen such things, and knew if they were to protect the innocent, they couldn't falter. That also went for one such young lady, though she had a love hate relationship with their training regiment, it did her heart good to know she was helping other. If only she would wake up!

"Hey Chifiu, time to get up!" her big brother called out from downstairs.

Nothing, not even a "let me sleep forever". Typical, she trained too hard and then overslept the next day. He understood how exhausting it was, but she couldn't just laze around all day.

"Cripes, you'd think she'd take this a bit more seriously, but no, I've gotta get her sorry butt up." he mumbled, while walking up the steps.

To be fair, she had been working pretty hard the past couple of weeks, even going as far as to staying up all night after a reported demon attack. But rules were rules, and the rules stated no oversleeping. After walking in, he saw her covered up completely by the blanket, with only her two feet sticking out.

"Come on sleepy head, time to get to work." he said, before pulling the sheets off.

And she was naked, no bra, no thong, completely butt naked. This came as no surprise, since she'd been doing the same thing for the past ten years. At this point it didn't even effect him.

"Not gonna wake up? Okay, let's resolve that." he said, before spotting a bucket of cold water she'd used to clean her clothes the previous night.

Perfect. Nothing a little water wouldn't do, he thought, while walking over to pick it up. It looked clean enough to use.

"A one, and a two, and a three!" she called out, before giving it a good throw.

Right on the money! With a loud splash, she finally sat up, while shaking in her arms.

"W-W-What's the b-b-big idea R-R-Reginald?" she asked, while shivering.

"That's what you get for sleeping late. Now come on, you're gonna be late." he pointed out.

"Y-You could have just shaken me." she pointed out, annoyed by his actions.

"But that's not as much fun." she replied with a smirk, while walking back downstairs.

"Jerk!" she cried out, before wiggling her way towards the bathroom.

Sometimes she hated her older brother and just how cruel he could be. But nothing a little warm water wouldn't fix. Being one of the more primitive villages that had yet to embrace technology developed by the mighty dwarves of the northern city of Welch, they relied most on the elements for their needs, for instance their iron tub used hundreds of pieces of coal to heat the water they obtained from nearby Lake Gretula

"Ah...that's good. I wonder what'll happen today. I hope we run into something big." she giggled, while soaking in the warmth.

Of course, cause risking ones life every day always meant they'd survive in the end. But, that was Chifiu, act first, think later, as well as worry about her body. For the past six years she'd maintained a well balanced diet, and yet her stupid chest didn't seem to stop growing.

"Don't tell me they've gotten bigger..." she whined, while pressing them together.

With big breasts came pros and cons, but to her, they only got on the way. They were already past triple Ds, how big were they going to get?

"Maybe I'll tape them down or something..." she thought, while scrubbing herself good.

Whatever, maybe training a bit more would take her mind off it. With her body cleaned and ready to go, she jumped out and grabbed a towel, before walking to her closet. There were a few outfits she wore around, but only one when training. A short, red kimono, with the top slight opened, black arm guards with blue gloves underneath, black thigh highs, a fresh thong, and simple sandals. Simple style for a simple ninja.

"Mom...dad..." she said softly, while looking at herself in the mirror.

A tragic event for sure, but living in the past solved nothing. For her village and family, she'd fight to protect them, even if it meant slaying every last of those bastards in the Underworld.

"Chifiu, you done yet? It's time we get going!" her brother called.

"Coming!" she called back, before closing the closet.

The day greeted them much for fondly than last week, with a clear sky and plenty of sun, no doubt the field workers would sing praise come the following week. As for everyone else, they were up and about doing their own thing, whether it hunting or gathering, or selling to others. Even some of the kids were attributing, by helping by bringing in fish from the southern lake.

"Tell me, how long's it been since you started?" he asked.

"I think almost five years. Yeah, I'm sure of it." she answered, with a nod of confidence.

"And you're still alright with doing this?"

"Yeah. It's hard a lot of the time, but I've pushed through worse."

"True. Just be careful out there. I'd hate to learn that my little sister's been eaten by one of those things."

"No worries. I've fought plenty of them before and always come back relatively all right."

"Like the time you got that scar across your back?"

"No fair! It was my first day and I got nervous." she replied, as a little blush appeared.

"No excuses. It's kill or be killed. If that other group hadn't shown up, you probably wouldn't be here."

Inside, she knew why her brother acted so protective over her. Besides their grandmother, she was all he had left. To lose her, such an innocent young lady, would bring dishonor to himself and his family, as well as crush his heart.

"I understand brother, but have faith in me, okay?"

"I always do. Speaking of having faith, should I have faith in those classmates of yours not to touch you?"

"Wait, what's this about?"

"I've seen how they look at you. It disgusts me that they'd have such lewd thoughts of my little sister."

"Reginald, I'm 18, I think I can handle some boys myself."

"If you say so. But if any of them touch you, tell me and I'll ensure their legacy never continues." he assured her.

"Oi..." she sighed.

In truth though, she understood his concern loud and clear. For someone at her age, her body didn't really showed it. In fact, many times she'd been mistaken for being in her twenties. With her dark blue hair tied back with a piece of white ribbon, those hazel eyes of hers that shined like stars on a clear night, and a body that most women in their village could only dream of having, many boys found her very alluring. But if they dared touched her, they'd learn how alluring she could be.

"And here we are. I'm gonna head over to see the commander. Be careful, be safe." he pleaded, before running off.

"Jeez, what a worry wart." she sighed, while standing by the front gate.

The C.D.S, or Clan of Demon Slayers, training grounds weren't but a few minutes away, thank the Lord. Living in the Western District meant they wouldn't have to worry about hauling butt to make it on time and would have enough supplies via a nearby market place. With a deep breath, she turned to enter, only to come face to face with the newbie ruffians, Taylor and Rucks, two boys who thought they were tough, but she knew better.

"Well if it isn't the chimps. What do you two want?" she asked, with an annoyed tone.

"We've been hearing you're pretty strong around here. Mind giving us a demonstration?" Rucks asked, while pulling out his little club.

"Yeah. And the loser becomes the winner's servant for a whole week." Taylor proposed, while taking out his hammer.

"So me versus two fourteen year old asswipes who pretend being bad-ass just to intimidate others. Fine, come at me." she agreed.

"Hmph, don't get those panties in a bunch. Once we're through with you, that stupid brother of yours-." he replied mischievously.

"—Won't do anything about it? Highly unlikely, but let's see what you two have got anyways. Who knows, maybe you'll touch me this time."

"Tsk. Whatever, you're going down!" Rucks cried out, before both dashed forth.

Simpletons, they still knew nothing about respect, and now, they'd pay for it. With her eyes closed and mind focused, she redirected the flow of her ki into her legs. Confused but determined, the two continued with their attack, only to lose sight of her in the blink of an eye.

"Wh-Where'd she go?" asked Taylor.

"I don't know. What was that?" Rucks asked in his confusion.

With a little whistle though, she got their attention, while standing on top of the entrance arch.

"Nice try, but no dice." she told them, before taking a seat.

"What? How'd you get up there?!" exclaimed Taylor.

"Oh right, you two don't know how to redirect your ki energy, or your just too stupid. I'll let you find out for yourselves. Oh, you can have these back too." he told them, before tossing back the heads of their weapons.

With a big smile, she slid her own weapon, a well sharpen sword, back into its scabbard, before jumping away.

"That was fun." she giggled, before landing back on her feet.

Nothing like showing some cocky kids their place, especially ones who tried taking advantage of others. Using her skills to hurt other people would have gone against her moral code, unless they really deserved it, but those punks didn't deserve the pleasure.

"Maybe I should stop by the main hall for a bite to eat." she thought, after having not eaten breakfast.

While walking along the stone pathway, she got a glimpse at what others were doing in their spare time. Some were sparing in the small, but still efficient enough, battle ring, while others pitted their physical skills against each other on the obstacle tower. As for everyone else, they were probably inside eating or resting their muscles. The whole place wasn't as big as others though, one could walk from each course and building in five minutes. Small? Yes, but when there were only fifty people, did it really matter?

"Well if it isn't my granddaughter. Seems you decided to join us on time today." she heard, before turning to look.

"Grandmother Samantha, good morning." she answered, with a respectful bow.

"Now-now, there's no reason to address me as such. I may be the leader here, but I'm still your part of the family." she told her, with an encouraging smile.

"Of course, sorry grandmother. Are you doing okay today?" she asked, while giving her a hug.

"It's a bit hot and I could do without the bugs, but I'm perfectly fine. I see you're still using the sword I gave you."she answered, before pointing out the sword that hung at her side.

Decorated in a blue paint and outlined in a gold trimming, the scabbard itself looked pretty appealing, but its the blade itself that made it special. Made from Felfiver, one of the strongest metals in existence, it proved handy when faced with deadly threats. Its blade glowed brightly, just as her own soul.

"Yeah. It's become my weapon of choice, you know? I've gotten so good with it, I managed to take on those two ding dongs at the front gates." she proudly boasted.

"Oh. I was wondering what they were crying about. Chifiu, listen, I know the boys around here can be...needy, but you mustn't let them egg you into something you know's not right. You know the rules, fighting is only permitted inside the battle ring."

"I know, they just got under my skin. It won't happen again." she promised, while hanging her head in shame.

"Same rash grandchild, but you're still a good person. And I hope someday you find someone special to protect." she said, while petting her head.

"Someone to...protect? You don't mean a husband, right?" she asked, with bright cheeks.

"Perhaps, but I've gotta run. Those swords ain't gonna sort themselves. By safe." she told her, before running off.

A husband, not exactly what she'd expected to hear from her single grandmother. Did she really need one? At nineteen, girls were typically looking for a man, but with people and town to protect, she didn't have time for such games. Besides, he'd only slow her down. But then again, maybe she meant someone else.

"Hmph, just you watch, I'll go on for eternity without that crap." she told herself, before running towards the main hall.

While she filled her stomach with delicious treats, Samantha spent her time arranging their various weapons in the correct categories. From swords to battle axes, to cross bows and regular bows, to even some pistols, there were so many to go though, it kind of made her wonder why there were as many as there were.

"Hm, maybe I should take a trip out to the country with the kids. No doubt they're tired to death of doing this constantly. Now where to go." she wondered, while sliding an ax into its holster.

But while her mind wandered, she failed to notice the man in armor that had entered shortly after. The scar along his left eye and toned build gave off a very intimidating vibe. And yet, she didn't seem to mind at all, as he cleared his throat.

"Samantha." he said, to get her attention.

"Huh? Oh Evan!" she exclaimed, with slight embarrassment.

"I take it you're doing well?"

"Of course, I may be an old lady, but I've still got it all." she answered with a big smile.

"Now I see where she gets it from. Anyways, we've got matters to discuss." he said, before bring out a parchment.

"Like what?"

"According to three villagers who were out fishing early this morning, they saw a portal open from above."

"Did anything come out?"

"They're not sure. They claimed to have run away before seeing anything."

"Understandable. Those things aren't to take lightly. Where was it, which late?" she asked, before standing up, ready to go.

"Lake Gratula, it's about two miles to the south."

"I see."

Portals weren't anything new. But where there were portals, there were most like demonic scum lurking about, just waiting to pounce.

"Should we send Reginald? Or perhaps you'd like for me to go instead." he offered.

"No, you need to stay here and focus on helping them develop their skills. You said it was only one?"


"One shouldn't be a problem. Send Chifiu."

"Are you sure?"

"I trust in my granddaughter. Plus, she's already put down several demons before, one more won't stop her." she answered, with a reassuring smile.

"I see. She is quite good, but also kind of cocky. You sure you didn't want to send someone else?"

"I'm sure. It's been a while since the last hunt anyways."

"All right, it's your call." he said, before heading out.

What a pain. For once he thought he'd get to leave for a bit, instead of training for the millionth time. How long it been since he'd last been out? Three to four months? No wonder he felt cooped up. He'd been trained for combat, and the only combat he saw was against test dummies and lesser trainees. But as was life, he couldn't control the hands of fate.

"I really hope you know what you're doing Samantha." he thought, while walking into the building next door.

The main hall, where those who needed their daily meal came to eat and fill up before another long day, or in Chifiu's case, eat, eat, train, sleep, sleep. Maybe that's why her breasts were so big, she never stopped drinking the damn milk. One would think she'd lose it after a hard workout, but chowing down on a delicious omelet, the large shadow of her instructor caught her attention.

"Oh hey there Mr. Zelit." she greeted with a smile, and a mouth full of food.

"Charming. We've got a mission for you."

"A mission?" she asked, before excitedly standing up.

Yes. We've gotten a report of a portal opening above Lake Gratula. It's unknown whether something came out of it, but we've got reason to suspect something might have. We need you to go in, take a look around, and report back. Any demons found should be turned to ash. Are you up for the task?"

"Of course!" she answered with gusto, and a salute.

"...Are you sure?"


"Fine. Here's a map marking the location specified by the fishermen. Once your task has been complete, report back to me."

"I'm on it. Don't worry, I'll make you proud." she promised him, before swiping the paper away.

With a confident smile, she ran out of the room and towards the stone barrier separating them from the forest.

"To the south, got it. I'll just need to cut between the tower and ring." she reminded herself, before taking a hard right.

While leaving a dirt trail, others noticed her right off the bat, as she took off towards the barrier.

"Yo ho! Chifiu, what's the rush?" her friend Tyla asked, while waving from the top of the tower.

"Got a mission. Can't talk, but I'll meet up with you later, okay?"

"A mission? Huh, alright, see you later then."

And with that, she jumped clean over the wall and into the tree behind it.

"And here we go." she said, excited to get going, as she began jumping from tree to tree.

Those who chose the ninja and warrior class were trained heavily in using their ki energy, the natural energy that flowed through their bodies. Such things was what made magic possible throughout the world, but for her, she held back on such abilities until she had a greater understanding of it. For now, all she could really do was jump really high and run really fast, both of which were fairly helpful.

"Oooo apple." she said, before grabbing the nearest one.

So what if it hadn't been washed? An apple was an apple. But while swallowing the bit, a loud yell echoed through the forest.

"A demon attack?" she thought, before taking a left.

According to the map, she was on the right path. Had it returned in hope of finding prey? If so, it was about to get a mouthful. The end was coming up, as sunlight broke through the trees.

"Hold on, I'm coming!" she told them, before jumping through.

With sword drawn, she landed on the rocky shore, only to find no demon in sight. Then was it?

"Seriously? Nothing?" she asked in both confusion and disappointment.

While scanning the shore though, she saw someone, a boy on his hand on knees, who looked saddened by something. Quickly, she ran over to check on his condition.

"Hey, are you all right?" she asked, while looking for any injuries.

"Does it look like I'm all right?" he asked in a snarky tone.

"Um...okay, can I help you with anything?"

Hearing that did the trick, as he removed his bulky goggles to look up at her. The way his red eyes glowed was pretty, she couldn't deny that, but why the goggles?

"Wow, you're very beautiful." he said out of the blue.

"I get that a lot." she replied, giving him a friendly smile.

"And your chest is amazing."

"I get that a lot too—Wait, what?"

Suddenly, as if he'd planned the whole thing, both hands wrapped around her breasts, as he began squeezing them. As if that weren't enough, each finger sank in, as he gave both a good, hard tug.

"Ahhhh! W-What are you doing?!"

"I'm having some fun." he answered with a devious grin, before reaching inside for a feel of the rare products.

"Oh no, he warned me this may happen..." she thought, as he forced her on the ground.

"You don't mind a little praise now, do ya?" he asked, before giving them a pinch.

That did it. Using her ki, she slammed her foot right into his stomach, forcing him off and back into his original position.

"A girl's body isn't for yours to touch, you creep!" she exclaimed in anger.

"Heh, true. Sorry about that, I guess my lust got the better of me." he said with a chuckle.

What was with this guy? First he assaulted her, then apologized for it? Even his expression changed, from deviant rapist, to a cheerful and laid back.

"Mhm, this guy's crazy. Maybe I should just leave him here, but it did feel pretty amazing. Wait no, what am I thinking?!" she cried out, while shaking her head.

"You liked that? We tend to do a lot of things women like." he said, while laying on his stomach, looking down between her legs.

"Grrrr no, I know, I'll take him to Evan." she thought, while covering herself up.

"Sure, I'll take a trip with you." he said back.

"Wait a second, can you hear my thoughts?" she asked, while looking at the brown-haired deviant.

"Sure can." he said, while looking up at her face.

Something was off. Those eyes of his didn't look right, while red eyes weren't uncommon, the pupils were another oddity. Instead of being round like hers, they looked more like slit.

"You're not a demon, are you?" she nervously asked, her body slightly shaking.

"Sure am! Pure bred in the Netherworld, top of the line demon, Bram!"

"How? You look too human."

"Common misconception, but maybe this'll convince you."

As if things couldn't get any weirder, a long, a black tail with what looked like a lightning bolt at the tip slithered its way out of his pants, while he raised his goggles to show off the two small black horns near his forehead, before flashing her those pearly white, razor-sharp chompers. There was no denying it, this creep was a demon, and that alone terrified her.

"This can't be happening..." she said, before reaching for her weapon.

"And the day's only getting started." he replied, with a big, toothy grin.