AN: My friends? Welcome to the most epic space adventure ever! I know this is sci-fi, but it could also fit in to other genres too. I plan for it to be dark, absolutely FILLED with action, drama, romance, and it's even got some space western qualities and some fantasy qualities too! The Rift is something I've been planning about for quite some time, and I haven't been able to write because I unfortunately lost my laptop in a fire. But now, I've got a new one, and I decided to start doing this! I hope you guys like it, it's a very large story, so it's going to start out slow. I'm no professional, so my grammar could be better, and there may be a few punctuation errors around (If there are, please tell me.) but I like to think I'm on to something amazing! Anyways, carry on my friends. Give it a chance, who knows, you'll like it, and maybe you'll learn a thing or two.

Our humble story begins far away in the universe, in our neighboring galaxy, Andromeda. The milky way and Andromeda share a few things in common, both harbor life, similar to the life we are familiar with, yet different in some ways. Of the trillions of stars here in Andromeda, one, known to the locals as Azuet, harbors life, and a planetary system over four times greater than our own! Here, Azuet has not eight planets orbiting around it, but forty! It harbors not one asteroid belt, but four! This planet system is amazing, and very rare. Rare, for it holds what ours holds, life, something only ever proven in the Milky way. Yet, in Andromeda, it harbors not just life, but intelligent life, capable of venturing out into space, freely, like humans venture the Earth.

There are no humans here, but there are sapient beings, perhaps even more capable than us humans. Known as the Animal Kingdom, they are three hundred and fifty billion strong, and in modern days, they have expanded into the void, shaping the lands of alien planets to their own advantage, once thought unreachable and far too harsh. All forty of the planets found here, as well as the countless moons, and a few asteroids, have been terraformed to some degree. Some of these colonies are very powerful, full of people, and advanced beyond our imaginations. Some, are nothing special, with tech that is comparable to our own. Some even act as if they are in the dark ages, with civilians behaving much like barbarians. For this reason, this planet system is known as The Rift to the locals because its as if era's are not all the same from planet to planet.

We begin with the fifth planet from Azuet, the rocky world known as Homeworld, and the cradle of civilization itself! Orbiting around the planet, are three super satellites, constructed for their own special purposes. Our focus is on the satellite named Twilight, an advanced research facility, once the only one of its kind. Here lies the dormant heroes of the past, heroes not dead, but frozen in time. Their reward was a life in the future, a life free from the wrecked home they once knew. They were promised a new, better future, and a repaired one. Or so they were told...

It's been quite some time since those terrorists were vanquished by these select few brave souls, from a now ancient, forgotten empire. Each soldier was thawed from their cryopods long ago, even the most recent thawed out more than 40 years ago. All but one man has been released from their icy prisons. This is his beginning, as he is thrown into a new world entirely, one that no longer resembles the old world he once lived in, knew, and loved.




"Hmmm, let's see..." Said the doctor, idly speaking to the nurse as he thumbs through some paperwork. "Lucky, hm? An odd name. Age? 32, Species? Jaguar. Six foot one, and 210 pounds of pure killing terror! Fought in the wolf rebellion, and of course, the terrorist attack of 1501. What a veteran! I don't blame the old Homeworld leaders for sealing this one up. After all, it's unlikely they were ever going to encounter soldiers this loyal, and well trained."

Doctor Ice, as he is nicknamed, is good at his job, and he's been responsible for the cryo lab epsilon for many years, even if he and his colleagues haven't always used the lab for it's intended purposes. Today, the lab will be used for it's true purpose one last time. The heroic soldiers of ancient Homeworld have all been released, for unknown reasons, besides the one that will be released today. Together, with his assistant, Stacey, the cryo lab will be used one last time before being decommissioned for good.

Doctor Ice is your typical dog, with a messy brown coat, and a long tail. His apparel looks like a good doctors should, with a white lab coat, and a stethoscope, ever hanging around his neck. He always has a smug, uninterested look about him, like his occupation as a doctor demands respect, which it does to a degree, but Stacey the nurse is sick of it by now, having seen it many times. After all, she does work beside him almost every day. Stacey herself is a feline, likely a big cat like Lucky is. She has a cyan and white coat, with black spots all over, besides her mid section and parts of her face. Oddly enough, she seems to be missing her tail. Even so, most men would agree she is quite attractive, though perhaps a bit ditzy and ungraceful. Like the doctor, she is dressed in appropriate attire, wearing a nurse outfit, and the hat that comes with it, signifying to even the newest of patients she's a nurse, and she's here to help.

The doctor clears his throat, as he continues. The nurse next to him, is meanwhile looking at the jaguar through the small icy window the pod provides, paying little to no attention to the doctors words. What she see's is a midnight black jaguar, with mid length black hair to match. His head is angled down, and he is hooked up to many different life support systems. At this angle, the jaguar looks angry, almost like he's faking his slumber, waiting for the second those strong doors are down to do what he does best. Killing. Though the nurse isn't quite convinced he's all that dangerous. The jaguar she's looking at looks intimidating, sure. In fact, most of his species does, but it can't be true. Someone as handsome and as sweet looking as he couldn't be a killer! Right?

"Fifty two confirmed kills? Ohh, very nice!" The doctor says, as he finally found the correct page. "Ahem... "Notes: This soldier is the best of the best, perhaps a cut above his comrades, but deep inside, he's a little harmless kitten, who only had to kill when he had to." Well, this doesn't sound right..."

"The question is, doc..." The nurse speaks, once he's finished. "Why are we waiting until just now to thaw him? I mean, it's been..."

The doctor is quick to cut her off. He huffs at her, offended. "Dammit, Stacey!" The doctor shouts at her. "How many times MUST I say it? Call me a damn doctor! Not a... "doc" arrrgh!"

The nurse shrinks in a bit, but ignores her superior, mainly looking at the jaguar behind the glass again, and the ever watchful life support system, the only thing keeping him from certain death. She glances at the monitor, which displays all of the stats. Every one of them check out.

"And if you MUST know..." Says the doctor, calming down. "We've had more important business lately, like finding a cure for radiation sickness and rabies! As well as many other things our colleagues have been doing. Only recently did the head honcho around here request we thaw this boy out! If only because these damn machines just take up SO much space in our lab."

The nurse pouts a little, as she yet again looks into the frozen face of the black cat. If what the doctor says is true, she can't help but be disgusted. What if they didn't take up so much space? Would he be a jungle cat popsicle for all eternity? Preserved forever, with the inability to die? Trapped? This must mean that his purpose for being frozen in time, is not the same as it once was. The ancient leaders of old Homeworld all but dead, and their ancestors apparently had other plans. After all, why thaw out such obsolete soldiers, when nowadays, they can be trained the way they are familiar with, and even augmented to function beyond normal capabilities? The nurse knows you can't train a soldier loyalty, at least not like this.

"We'll start the process quickly." Doctor Ice orders the nurse. "Thaw him out, and check to make sure we're not dealing with another vet with brain damage from prolonged exposure to that cryopod! Make sure to run a motor skill test, and see if all the gears up there are turning. Or, if they are frozen stuck. After all... He's been in there several years too long."

After saying that, the doctor walks away, grabbing a pack of cigarettes from his breast pocket. Of course the nurse knows that he'll be taking a smoke and coffee break, as he does every hour. What she doesn't know is why a doctor, of all people, would pick up such a bad habit! Soon, he's heading out the automatic door, and out of sight.

"Ohhh... Alright, Lucky..." The nurse says, as she monitors the computer system keeping him in check. "Let's get you thawed out. This could possibly hurt. You may not have any feelings in some of your limbs for a while, and you may even be sterile now. Couldn't tell you that when you were conscious, big guy."

As ordered, Stacey makes sure to thaw him out correctly, keeping the life support online, but at last, freeing him from his icy, and claustrophobic prison. It isn't long before the process starts. The computer warns Stacey to stand back, and once she's a safe distance away, an alarm is triggered, and gas starts to rush from the pod. Even from her safe distance, she can feel the cold gas fly towards her. It is unbearably cold for someone conscious like her, even as thick furred as she is.

Though she's done this many times, it does not get any easier for her. She always worries that something could go wrong, and no matter what that is, it almost certainly leads to death, or a serious, permanent injury. These old, obsolete pods did preserve the specimen properly, but their dethawing software wasn't always the most reliable. About one out of ten of these people come out of the pod with some form of brain damage. She prays that Lucky will not have to suffer through it.

The pod continues to work, the gas is now free of the chamber. She walks up to it, watching it heat up the jaguar back to a stable body temperature. The ice crystals in his hair and fur start to thaw rapidly, melting in a water like liquid.

"Halfway done, big guy..." Nurse Stacey says partially to herself, as she keeps an eye on both Lucky and the computer. "The pod IS stable, here comes the painful part, Lucky... I hope your name has something to it. Activating charges..."

It can't be seen on a macroscopic level, but tiny nanites are stimulating his brain, heart, all essential organs. Basically kick starting them in a way. Once this happens, the jaguar becomes conscious, though his eyes remain closed. But the pained look on his face tells Stacey that Lucky is back to the world of the living, and preparing to step into the future at long last.

Quickly, she opens up the pod, then quickly runs over to the pod to greet him. Inside, the jaguar is moving frantically, something that can be dangerous for a body that's been still for more than a hundred and fifty years! Once the pod opens, Lucky starts to scream, as loudly as his still cold body will allow it, which isn't all that loud.

"Aahhhh!" He screams, in a deep voice, which sounds hoarse and strained. "Nnngh... whew... Uuugh!"

The jaguar's bright yellow eyes shoot right open, showing off those cat shaped eyes. They look very light, an almost shiny golden color. His expression is that of anger, whether meaning to or not. The nurse yelps, and takes a step away, unnerved by his gaze. With one last roar, one much more subtle, he stops, and glares at the nurse, ironically looking fatigued. His breath is shaky, and he is no doubt worried. But he does not try to move. As if he could, his limbs are bolted down into the machine. Even his tail is restrained!

"PLEASE!" The nurse shouts at him. "Remain calm, Lucky! No one here is going to hurt you! On the contrary, I'm here to help!"

The jaguar takes a long while to respond, his brain still warming up to consciousness. "H-HELP!? NNgh..." He cries out in a shaky voice. "That's exactly what... the last nurse told me when she told me to step in this... "decontamination chamber" I'll have you know! Whew..."

The nurse gives him a sympathetic look, and approaches him, laying a gentle hand on his shoulder. "I... I'm sorry, you were lied to... But I need you to listen to me VERY carefully, and give me a chance to explain. As for now, listen to me, and focus on breathing. I'm going to do a few things to you, see if your alright."

Lucky takes a minute to breathe, focusing on catching his shaky breath. He doesn't like this, but he doesn't have much of a choice. Nurse Stacey snaps her fingers close to his left ear, then his right. Both of them twitch in response to the sudden loud noise.

"Ah! Good, your hearing response is normal!" She declares. "Okay, Lucky, can you move your fingers and toes?"

He gives his answer, and moves his fingers and toes like normal. The nurse again sounds delighted, and thankful he is alright.

"Good! Now, what's two plus two?" She asks.

Lucky looks at her like she's a two headed monster. "...Four!" he answers.

"Okay, now..." She responds. "Five times five?"

"Twenty five..." He answers again correctly. "Look, this is stupid. Can you free me now? Please?"

She blushes, then snaps to attention. "Oh! Oh yes, of course! But... take it easy, big guy! You don't want to strain yourself."

She goes back to the computer, to disengage the locks around both wrists and ankles. Lucky then suddenly notices he's not wearing any clothes! He blushes, wondering if the nurse checked him out any. He's thankful it wasn't a male doctor that's doing this all, so he isn't too embarrassed by it. Slowly, he steps out of it, and looks about his body, studying it like it's a brand new one. He grabs his limp tail, and scoffs. His tail must not be lithe and functional right now, which means he could be a bit off balance. The nurse has her face buried in the computer system, as she types in formalities and data into it.

"Your a soldier, are you not?" She asks him, making small talk.

"That's right!" He says, in a very energetic tone. "Or, I was, after I retired. I... didn't get to... enjoy it, because... I was sent here first thing!"

The nurse flinches, knowing that his idea of here and hers are definitely not the same. She grabs the doctors clip board, and tries to find some of his information to read to him, both making more small talk, and checking his memory.

"Your not just any soldier." She says, smiling, and still not facing him. "You and your platoon were THE soldiers, hmm? Homeworld was a peaceful place back then..."

"B-back then?" He interrupts.

"Yes, let me explain! I have a lot to tell you!" Stacey says. "You were a soldier, in the Amazonian army. North Amazonia, if this data is correct, one of the super powerful countries of your time. You come from a time where Homeworld and the old colonies it had... well, let's just say they didn't all see eye to eye."

Lucky chuckles lightly. "That's... an understatement, my friend. Heh heh... Not all countries, but yes."

"Rarely has the animal kingdom ever gotten in conflicts this large. It's only happened a few times. You know, as well as I do, our civilization is a peaceful one, and that you come from a time where chaos ran quite rampant. Your time was known as the second discord era."

"...what do you mean, MY time?" The jaguar asks. "And... second discord era? There's only THE discord era!" He gasps, becoming fearful again, starting to catch on to what this is about. "Well, whatever you want to call it, that era is over! We made sure of it!"

"Indeed it is, thanks to you and your soldiers, Lucky!" Stacey tells him. "The old government of North Amazonia had no choice but to draft the strongest young men they could find. You had to leave your wife and your newborn son for your country! For the whole world, even! The terrorists at that time threatened to bomb all who opposed them with fission bombs, didn't they?"

"That's right..." He says, remembering it not so fondly. "These bombs, were... they were able to level entire cities! Erase them from the face of Homeworld! But, we stopped them, and disabled those bombs forever! We buried them in special containers and sank them to the bottom of the deepest part of the sea! After that, we came back to Amazonia... heroes."

Stacey smiles, and nods, enjoying every word he's saying. He's like a walking history book! "That's right? And... as your reward for such bravery?"

The jaguar once again takes a long time to speak, looking up to the ceiling. Many things go through his head, the battles he faced, the family he had to leave behind. But most immediately, he thinks of the aftermath of it all. "Lies..." He simply states.

The nurse frowns, and looks at the notes the doctor left to confirm this. It says nothing about any lies, so she gives him the chance to explain.

"We were promised new lives, in an era free from what we all just saw. It sounded so inviting to every damn one of us! So... peaceful. We knew we were going to be frozen, with our families, and a few years later, we were to emerge from them, ready to start anew in a terrorist free planet. But... Once we came home, we were told that the villages we stormed were all covered in this... strange new poison. They called it... Radiation."

Everything Lucky says is right in front of the nurse in word form, even if it is scattered here and there. Indeed he is telling the truth, and not only that, but this tells the nurse that Lucky's brain is likely fully functional. Thank goodness.

"They say it was a by product of those bombs, and the experiments that came before them." He continues. "We were going to be rewarded greatly for our efforts, even right after the war! We came home, and we were to be rewarded from the overlord himself, or... our president if you will! But, as I said, we were infected with radiation, something that was supposed to hurt us the longer we were exposed to it. So? We were all put in quarantine, and sent to a place to be "disinfected" from these radioactive particles. We all climbed in, and... well... seconds before everything went dark... let's just say we knew we weren't going to be disinfected."

"Lucky?" Says Stacey, as she sits up, finally facing him. "This may sound crazy, but what I'm about to tell you is the truth. You were frozen for one hundred and fifty years. The current year is 1659!"

Lucky can't speak. At first, it looks like he's about to cry out in fear, or panic, or uncertainty, yet he doesn't. He does nothing. He is not even the slightest bit suspicious of that, he knew something very strange was happening the second he started to wake up.

"No..." He cries out. "NO! Then... where is my wife? Where is she? She was..."

"Not, frozen." She says with dread. "I hate to be the one to tell you this, but... Lucky, she is long gone as well as your son. Both of them are gone... I'm so sorry, Lucky."

Lucky can't believe what he's hearing. Lucky paces around the room, moving frantically, and rapidly. It hurts him, weighing heavily on his heart.

"No... NO! NOO! I't can't be, oh... this can't be happening! I... I can't believe what I'm hearing." He states. His voice starts to crack. "I think I need to be alone."

The nurse, although wanting to follow the doctors orders, lets him go. She cries without restraint, sympathizing with him. "I... understand." She says, sniffling, and drying her own tears.

"I'm here in the future, alone!" He cries out to himself, likely raising his voice. "I.. I can't believe this! This is terrible. I want to go back!"

"I'm afraid that's impossible, Lucky." The nurse states, again not exactly bringing good news.

She does start to think though, maybe he isn't as alone as he thinks he is. The nurse manages a smile. "Hmmm. Well, Lucky? Your not alone!"

Lucky freezes, then he slowly turns around to face her, wondering what she could possibly mean. Was she suggesting that someone he knew is here?

"A friend of yours knew this would be quite a shock!" She states, as she starts to explain. "He was the second to last person thawed out, right before you... or, well not RIGHT before you. It was quite some time ago. He may be... a bit aged, but deep down, he is still your friend, right?"

Immediately, Lucky starts to think about who it could possibly be. Many of his comrades come to mind, he can't think of one in particular. Though, he hopes it's just someone who can explain stuff to him. He also grows hopeful, maybe this won't be completely horrendous after all.

"Really?" He says, with a very hopeful tone about him. "Well, where is he? Huh? I need to know..."

Lucky turns around to study the room a bit. Just before he did, he noticed the nurse blushes like crazy. For a split second, he becomes embarrassed, knowing she likely caught a glimpse of his lower half. Though he doesn't care! There is more important things to worry about than some measly attraction.

"H-he's in the next room, down the long glass hallway!" She tells him, her voice stuttering and nervous "Please know that patients are not to be escorted around the satellite alone. But, look, I can trust you. Just please make sure you go down the hall, and to the room where your friend is and THAT'S IT! If you don't we could both get into serious trouble. Alright?"

Lucky nods. "That's probably the last thing I need."

The nurse, oddly enough continues to look embarrassed. "Uhhh... before you go? You maaay want to slip on some clothes... big guy."

"Hmmm?" He says, a little embarrassed now. "Right... Heh..."

Lucky is facing away from her, which gives Stacey a look at his butt. Thank goodness that's all she saw, or at least all she saw just now. She blushes right through the light fur on her face, a very deep crimson. Lucky's tail, still slow from the ice, stops completely now, and hangs to the floor. He is likely embarrassed too, but he tries not to let that be a distraction. The nurse points to a locker, where his old clothes are located.

"...I don't remember stepping into this pod naked!" he suddenly declares.

When he goes to the locker, he see's a basic pair of clothing. He can't truly remember if this is what he wore before, but it will have to do for now. Inside is a very dark gray shirt, almost black, but still several shades lighter than his fur is. There is also a pair of blue jeans, socks, large brown boots, and of course, underwear. Leaning in the very back of the locker in a corner, he also notices his assault rifle is there, which puts a smile on his face very quickly. It's covered in a thick layer of dust and cobwebs. This, he recognizes! It's the one he used during battle. The heavy gun and it's large drum mag are empty. After getting dressed, he grabs it too, and slings it over his back, but not before loading the empty clip. Finally, he reaches through the hole in the back of his blue jeans, to free his large tail. He looks at himself in the mirror, then smiles at his reflection.

"Thanks a million!" Lucky says to Stacey's reflection, giving her a little wink. "You've been real good to me. I couldn't have asked for a better nurse!"

The nurse no longer hides her embarrassment, she giggles. "Anything for you!" She returns the wink. "And, for the record, you were frozen with your clothes on. Just before you were conscious, I took them off of you!"

Lucky practically flinches, like her words just punched him right in the face! The nurse then cracks up.

"HA HA HA!" She chuckles. "I'm kidding..."

Lucky has to laugh at that too, getting a decent kick out of it. He goes over to her, then looks her right in her eyes.

"Or ARE you!" He accuses, mocking her now. "I mean what I said, you've been good to me. I hope someday we meet again."

Although he's already making friends, he needs to catch up to an older friend. He smiles and waves at her one last time, then heads for the door. He cocks his head, as he observes it. It's no door he's seen before, more like a strange metal wall. He finally figures out that you have to step up really close to it, and it automatically slides open, rapidly. The sudden movement and noise makes him jump, which in turn, makes the nurse giggle at him once again.

With one last little wave, and a dreamy look, the nurse says goodbye.

Lucky is now on his own. When he left, the large metal door closed behind him, leaving him with only one direction to head in. He walks into the glass hall, which is pretty boring. It may as well have been built out of metal, like the rest of the building appears to be. The hallway seems endless.

"Where's the damn exit in this building?" He says to himself. "I want to go home, or... try to, see what's left of it."

There appears to be no doors anywhere, only the one he left behind him. He finally looks to his left, and his jaw drops to the floor, as does his gun. He see's something he thought he'd only see on TV. An epic sight of epic proportions.

"... oh... my... GOD!" He screams, putting his hands on the glass.

What he sees shocks him beyond belief, maybe even more than the fact that he is in the future! Outside, there is a black void, or at least on the edge of what's truly catching his eye, with dots of light scattered everywhere. He knows instantly what he's looking at, even if he doesn't understand how. He see's his home, everybody's home. He's looking at Homeworld, even if it is burned and brown, instead of the lush green planet he once saw in those now ancient history books. Somehow, he is above Homeworld, looking at it.

He's above it, in space!

"IT'S NOT POSSIBLE!" He screams. "What... happened?! This... CAN'T be Homeworld, yet, I know it is, but how? HOW!"

It's truly a beautiful sight, even if the planet is ugly and scorched. From up here, the planet looks gigantic! Besides the planet, he also see's Homeworld's two moons, Lysander, and Philostrate. The moons themselves also look different. He just plain doesn't understand how, or why it's possible. He looks pretty foolish, as flabbergasted as he is. In fact, he is so much so, that he doesn't notice a group of people walking behind him.

He turns to see that there are six wolves, covered in a shiny armor, all with futuristic looking guns. In between them, there is a small, and almost scrawny looking fox, dressed in a black suit. He looks over dressed, compared to the others.

This fox must be someone very important, and the wolves surrounding them are clearly soldiers, like he used to be. This fox looks as if he has some very important business to attend to, and the guards themselves look like they are guarding him with their lives. It becomes clear to him, this is the Overlord! The current one! It has to be, or at the very least, this person has to be a very important government official.

As soon as he crosses Lucky's path, he freezes. He then slowly, and eerily turns to face the cat.

"Hmm! What's wrong, precious?" The fox says to Lucky. "You lost a few marbles, didn't you? No, actually, all of them from the looks of it! You act like you've never been in space before. Dumbass..."

Lucky gives this joker a disgusted look. He wants to say something, but chooses not to. He is becoming irritated, but he's had to put up with this type of bullshit before.

"Come on, boys..." He says, snapping his fingers at them. "We'll leave this moron in his stupor. For now..."

Lucky then decides he won't stand for this. "...who the HELL do you think you are? You've got some nerve, calling me a... UUUGH!"

The jaguar gets a swift punch in the gut from one of the wolves. He did not see it coming, which means it really hurts him, due to his weakened core, and the ultimate sucker punch.

"Our Overlord is right, you really are an idiot..." One of the wolves say in a deep voice.

Lucky is on his knees, holding his gut. "I... I thought he... m-might have been."

That same guard then knees him in the head, and his head goes flying into the thick glass, which really rocks him. For a moment, it looks like he could be knocked out, but after a while, he starts to stir.

"Pathetic fool! Don't you know it's illegal NOT to know the name of our Overlord? It is your honor and mine to be standing in the presence of the all powerful, but fair Overlord Trumpet! THE overlord, and the best one there's ever been! Your under arrest!"

The wolves then forcibly grab Lucky's wrists. The fox gets a kick out of this, but he decides to show mercy. "Now now..." Cries Overlord Trumpet. "There's no need for that. I have something special in mind for him. We don't even need to cuff him for what I'm about to do! You see boys, our feline friend is a pre war Homewordian, and I'm sure he would like to go home! Don't worry, kitty. We'll get you there. One way, or another!"

Lucky doesn't know what the heck he's talking about, but he doesn't like it one bit, and he especially doesn't like this self absorbed Trumpet guy. He remains quiet, then stands to his feet, and he wipes the corner of his mouth, which has some blood on it.

"In the meantime, let's go pay this doctor a visit, as well as that sexy nurse of his! Come on boys..."

Once again, he snaps his fingers, and the wolf guards snap to attention, and march after him. Maybe it's the thought of the nurse being anywhere around this jackass, but something snaps in Lucky, and snaps hard! He grabs the wolf that hit him by the tail.

"HEY!" He shouts, just one word towards that particular wolf.

The wolf then turns around, and his face is met by the Jaguar's fist, who punches that wolf so hard, his helmet goes flying off of him. The wolf is knocked out almost instantly, and he starts to convulse on the ground. One of his buddies then aims his gun at Lucky, but the jaguar will have none of that. He let's out a vicious roar, then kicks the guards feet out from under him. Before he falls, Lucky balls both hands into a tight fist, and slams the guard down with unrelenting force. He then plants his foot on that guard, preventing him from moving.

"Listen, Trumpet!" He yells. "Do anything to them, especially that nurse, and I'll do to you what I did to your friends here... sevenfold!"

"Ooooh, my! So scary!" He yells back. "Well, okay, since you asked SO nicely... I was going to kill them. You know, just for shits and giggles? Don't you ever do that, sometimes? Really good way to let off steam in a nice and healthy manner. It's fun, and it's healthy because I get to personally thin out my scummy, trashy citizens!"

Lucky can't believe what he's hearing. "You... YOU SICK BASTARD."

"Mmmmm, thanks!" He purrs. "If I did kill her, would she be avenged sevenfold?

Lucky then looks very confused. "...I don't get it." He shouts. "Look, just... just don't do anything that'll make me angry. You wouldn't like me when I'm angry!"

"As expected from an inbred moron from the past!" The Overlord says back to him. "You have such a temper! Maybe you should calm down, Bruce, before you end up making me mad instead. And that is a death sentence."

Lucky gasps. How does this guy know he's from the past? Come to think of it, he said something about it earlier.

The other guards help the one still conscious up, while the one unconscious is babbling something incoherent.

"Come now, boys..." The overlord orders. "We don't have time for him! Yet..."

With that said, Overlord Trumpet and his bullies for guards walk away, headed for the room Lucky just came from. He dusts himself off, then runs down the hallway. Once they are out of sight, he stops and looks back. He then looks down to his fists, which are still trembling from the scare.

Or perhaps, from the thrill.

"Heh..." He chuckles. "I still got it!"

After that ordeal, he finally reaches the end of the hallway, although Homeworld and it's twin moons are quite distracting to him still. He still can't quite get over that sight, and it's likely he never will. He takes a deep breath, and then exhales, as he tries to figure out the door again.

The room he enters is the same shape, and with the same amount of cryopods too! It's an exact mirrored twin of the first one. Same volume, same size, same layout. Same everything. Though, this room seems in disrepair, and it's darker too. He looks around for this supposed friend of his.

"...hello?" He cries out. "Is... anyone here?"

He continues to explore the dark room, all he see's are more pods, some scattered papers, and otherwise a huge mess. This sight honestly makes him nervous, so, he reaches for his assault rifle, and turns on the flashlight on it, to look around better. Although he's a cat with low light vision, it's still easier to see with a military grade LED flashlight. Though that empty assault rifle and flash light give him a false sense of security, this scene still makes his skin crawl, he feels like something crazy will happen anytime soon.

Then... SNAP! A throbbing pain shoots up his leg, something has snatched him by the ankle, and hard! When he looks down to his ankle, he notices that there is a mid sized bear trap around it! This is both surprising and... random! What the heck would a bear trap be doing on the floor? Especially here of all places? Then, from the darkness, something moves, and whatever is moving is laughing very hard.

"HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HAAAA!" Says the guffawing stranger, in a low and grumbly voice. "Lucky ol' boy! Your not as sharp as you used to be... are you?"

He quickly shines the light his way, and what he see's is a tall dragon, a rare species in his time. Lucky is in great pain, but thankfully his thick boots prevented this from being too bad. Only one crazy bastard would to this to him...

The stranger then is revealed to be a dragon, a tall one, and burly too. He is perhaps bordering elderly and middle aged, with a long, dark gray beard, and an equally impressive mustache. He has bright purple scales, with a lighter shade of scales around his belly. Or so Lucky assumes that is. The man wears clothing oddly familiar to Lucky's own. He is still laughing at Lucky's suffering.

"DONNIE!" Lucky shouts in joy, as he tries to stand up. "OW! Jackass... you think this is funny?"

"Just like old times, right pal? Initiation! You weren't a man unless you did that once to your buddy, and your buddy did it once to you too!"

"Hmph!" He smirks. "Finally getting me back, after all these years? So, your telling me, your just now becoming a man, huh, Donnie?"

Lucky finally frees himself from the trap, then stands up, dusting himself off again. The two shake hands firmly, and smile at each other, very glad to see an old friend in this time.

"Donnie..." Lucky says, a little depressed. "I'm SO glad to see a friendly face. I..."

Donnie then interrupts him. "Ah ah! No need, pal... I'll explain everything, over a beer!"

Donnie grabs him around his shoulders, then gets him to walk out of the room, and down another glass hallway. This hallway looks more promising. It leads to a much more sophisticated looking wing of the Twilight.

"Ohhh, there's beer here?"

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