First of all, sadly, this isn't the true 4th chapter here... (I apologize to those looking forward to another chapter... I'll be working on it as soon as I can!)

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This is such a huge project, I would go ahead and say it's safe to say this story (At least on FictionPress) could effortlessly be 150 to maybe even 250 chapters long before it's finished. I'm not making this up as I go, at least not the big stuff. I've been thinking about this story for years and years, and I think completing it would also take years and years. Someday, I hope to see it become more than a story. My ultimate dream is for this to become a pretty sweet animated series, or even an anime! Something cool like that! A man can dream...

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1st review from Tapp

... honestly? This is probably the most helpful review I've ever seen! None of what you said crossed my mind at all, and it made me think heavily over it. It's also made me more cautious to consider stuff like this in the future, but to answer your questions. Well... It's actually quite hard to do so. I will say the nurse probably didn't think twice. Lucky isn't a scaredy cat you know! He was a soldier, trained to be ready for anything. Yeah, the nurse probably didn't know that, but I did actually edit the first chapter to where the nurse tells Lucky he doesn't want him going anywhere but to the next room over, or they could both get into trouble. Now, as for Lucky fighting the wolves, he wouldn't have even fought them if the Overlord hadn't said the things that he did. The Overlord said that only to get under his skin, and nothing more. Plus, it's not a for sure thing that the nurse is in danger, Lucky can't tell if the Overlord is making an empty threat or not. That, I honestly left alone, but... It does make me think, and I may change it at a later occasion.

And my story is many things, but yes, a fun piece to read is definitely what I'm going for here!

2nd review from i prune

Lucky isn't so lucky, your right... He lost his best comrade, his one and only friend in an uncertain future, and to make matters worse, he's dying, and headed towards HIS planet, a planet scarred by the very things he fought so valiantly to vanquish from not just the hands of evil, but from everyone's hands!

But there's a reason they call him that, you know.

And as for the fission bombs? I just called them that because, well, I wanted to I guess. Thought the name sounded cool, but make no mistake, a fission bomb is just as deadly and dangerous as the dormant bombs on our own, true, non fictional world. Honestly, I plan for my story to be packed with my own feelings towards things that I get very philosophical over. Nuclear weapons are just one of them, and I have a very negative feeling about them. The choices made by few individuals with such weapons can affect thousands of innocent people, as it already has... Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Chernobyl... Humanity should have learned a thing or two from it.

Yet we only desire more, don't we? What a dangerous thing to desire.