In continuing my lazyness while also continuing to post content, I've decided to show you a script from my oral communications class, long may it burn.

We are gathered here today to celebrate the long, eventful life of Sir Gilliam Mccaffrey George Lucas Floatsworth XXXVI. He lived to be a ripe old age of 27 days old. Gilliam was a fly that first grew up outside in the front yard. He lived a long and fulfilled life avoiding predators and many other things before he ever came to live in my room. Though, that fateful day when he came into my room and my life, he left that behind.

Gilliam was a fly who lived in my room for a few days before sadly passing away. He first came into my life one day when I had left my window open too long. I had left the room and when I returned I closed my window. It was then that I hear his buzzing around in my room. At first he seemed to me to be a nuisance, and I tried to swat him so that I would be free of him, but then, slowly overtime, he grew on me. We'd spend many hours together, me talking and him buzzing around without a care in the world.

Sometimes he'd land on me and we'd just spend hours in silence. It was a happy coexistence. After my few days of knowing this amazing little fly I learned many things about him. He enjoyed great things such as pizza and steak. He disliked the color green and took great care to avoid it at all times. Despite our rough start this one, brave little fly grew to be a close friend and I will miss him.

Gilliam left behind many offspring, many of which were not able to make it here on this sad occasion. Our coexistence was a strange thing. I, trying to swat him away from my food every now and than, and him, feeding on whatever crumbs may have spilt from my plate, living in the same room.

He was a very cunning and fast fly. Gilliam never feared me or whatever object I happened to be using to swat him away from me. Regardless of any anger that may have grown from having him living in my room, in the end I managed to let go of it and simply watch him go about his routine. He'd generally fly about without much purpose and act as a free spirit. Sometimes he'd spend a large amount of time by the popcorn machine or by the fish tank. Other times, Gilliam would spend time buzzing around me, regardless of whether I had food or not.

Regardless of Gilliam's death, a small piece of him will remain with us through our hearts and through the many children who were left behind in this tragic event. Sadly they were not able to make it to this event because they are flies, but they are here in spirit.

Gilliam also enjoyed many other things such as poems or music. If you would allow me, I would like to recite Gilliam's favorite poem. It is a small haiku named Buzz.

Buzz, Buzz buzz buzz, buzz

Buzz buzz buzz buzz buzz buzz buzz

Buzz buzz buzz buzz buzz

There was never at time I didn't hear him reciting similar poetry or singing these songs.

And with this I say goodbye to life of Gilliam Floatsworth. May he live through us all in our hearts and may we all remember him and his contributions to us and our lives. I would like to leave you with the last thing that he ever said to me, "Buzz buzz buzz buzz". Thank you all.