There is an ancient Chinese painting of a garden in a palace. It was vibrant and looked three dimensional. If you moved, you saw a different angle of the painting.

A man (married) was fascinated by the painting and stared at it often. It felt as if was surrounded by those rainbow of green trees and bright green grass, only able parts of the brilliantly red palace.

He gets pulled into the painting, where he meets a young boy, a prince groomed to be the next emperor.

The young boy was beautiful, elegant, and full of life.

The man falls in love.

The man follows the prince everywhere.

The young boy sneaks out to the villages everyday.

Exploring and helping people along the way.

They end up getting pulled into a different timeline, to save the princes future self.

Only when they meet her, they realise it was the prince's future life.

She held the same spirit: the beauty, elegance, and filled with life.

They save her.

The prince and the girl were like twins, doing everything together.

The man starts falling in love with the girl.

The prince gets a little jealous that the man was now giving all her attention to her.

They all go to the man's timeline. The man finds out he has been gone for a long while. A few of the people he knew thought that he was dead, but his wife still waited for him, hoping he would return one day. He didn't want anyone to know that he was back, but still a few people found out. He asked them to keep it quiet. The girl told him he should go see his wife and let everyone know he was okay. He eventually followed what she advised him.

After the prince learns of his fate (which was to die young due to war) he went back to his time period to face that fate.

The girl already knew her's. She didn't have long to live either, but had told no one.

After the man goes home and establish that he wasn't dead, reassuring everyone he just went traveling and ended up in the wilderness and how he couldn't contact anyone and how he found civilization again to live among different people and managed to get himself back home.

Shortly after the people around him are satisfied and comfortable, going back to their usual lives, he leaves again. He had set a small apartment for the girl to stay in and bought many things every time he visited her. Although he went to see her often, he never did anything other than talk and enjoy quality time together. It wasn't until later he learned that she was dying.

She asked him for a favor as her body got weaker, however it never showed on her face. She always looked calm and peaceful and she could still walk on her own. She wanted him to take her to see the garden in the painting, and he agreed.

They went inside the painting and met with the prince, now emperor: Grown and married. They lived there as his guest for a while.

One day she knew her time was up and she and the man went out to the garden and they sat on the grass. She laid her head on his lap and said of how grateful she was for everything.

Eventually, she started to disappear until only the clothes, which were given to her by the emperor, was the only thing left.

When she disappeared, the place she laid on started to grow sprouts. The man moves as he sees it growing rapidly into trees bundled together, the tree stems wrapping around each other until it formed into one great big tree with multiple color leaves: from dark brown to golden brown, to deepest of crimson red.

The man went back to his own time and back to the apartment to find a note she had left for him. After reading the note, he would visit very often to manage that apartment, leaving it exactly the way she had left it.

(A/N: This is a short summary. Debating on making it into a full story. What do you think?)