"Now, listen closely, Mr. Vimillion." A female voice told the man. Her voice was as smooth as caramel. "I want you to keep a close eye on subject 5691082345, she is very special, and we do not need her to escape into the streets where people can see her and freak out."

"Mrs. Liongae." started Mr. Vimillion. "It would be nice for Subject 5691082345 to be well treated... If she was-

The woman slammed her fists against the metal desk, sounding infuriated with the man. "I don't care about the subject being nicely treated! She's caused enough damage to SBRF as we know it."

Mr. Vimillion wouldn't take it. "If she was well treated, she wouldn't run away and cause havoc to SBRF." He protested.

The woman slumped back in her chair and looked distressed. "I'm done talking with you Mr. Vimillion..." She sighed."Take your things and go attend to the subject."

He didn't say another word and walked out of her office. The woman looked down at her papers and scanned them quickly.

I never have understood that man. She thought. SBRF wouldn't be in this mess if that project he's running was put down as soon as a flaw was discovered to it... But he insists he can fix it's flaw, better yet, improve it's abilities and maybe help it become more important to this facility.

She looked at the picture on her dimly lit desk, it was a picture of this woman in her early twenties or so, she had blonde hair and emerald green eyes, and a white, pearly smile that made her most attractive. She wore in the picture a bikini with floral print all over it and had a gorgeous tan, while her husband was standing beside her, his six pack and tanned body looked just as amazing as her's. She started scanning the paper work again and started to write down certain things.

I can only see a small opportunity for that project to succeed... The woman thought grimly. If I see that Mr. Vimillion's project should no longer remain to be worked on, I will dispose of the project and all of it's files.

She sighed heavily and held her head.

"Tomorrow is a new day." She muttered, and shut off the light on her desk, grabbed her office keys, closed the door to her office and locked it.

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