Day 18

The final episode of Silver Fang! A quick announcement, Thanks so much for reading my book, this is my first book I have ever written, so please tell me what you thought
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I started to wake up in a peaceful environment. The bed was so soft, I felt like I could have slept an eternity. I then opened my eyes and saw Cocoa reading a book next to the bed, Phoenix and Ringo were chatting among themselves and Nickolas was also helping Cocoa, what appeared to be, keeping an eye on me.

"Guys?" I asked weakly.

Cocoa's face lit up with excitement. "She's awake!"

Ringo then reminded her. "Don't be too rough with her Cocoa, she's still recovering."

"Recovering?" I asked. "From what?"

"You were seriously hurt when you were fighting Nightbolt back at the SBRF." Cocoa told me.

I then looked at my arm and my torso, they were covered in gauze wrap with bloodstains. My wings ached a little, but didn't hurt much. Parts of my legs were also wrapped tightly in gauze wrap with bloodstains.

"Did I...really get this hurt?" I asked.

Ringo nodded. "Lucky for us, we got you out just in time to get you healed."

I was bewildered at this news. "What about Nightbolt?"

She walked in, her hair was let down, and it was long, beautiful black hair. Her eyes were a light blue and her attire was different. she wore a leather jacket and a skull t-shirt underneath. She wore black pants and her combat boots.

"Feeling better?" she asked.

I nodded. "I'm fine... But what are you doing here?"

"I came to apologize to all of you." she sighed. "Fang, you were right about the SBRF. They only care about what's important for them and not us."

I nodded again. "Continue, please."

Nightbolt then pulled out a few documents of the SBRF's work. She gave them to me so I can scan through them, and what I found was terrifying. These documents were all about a new project called Lapis Lazari, a human nine year old girl capable of swallowing people whole and digesting them to make herself bigger.

"Lapis Lazari; A walking Hell if she gets created." she explained. "She'll kill us if the SBRF tells her to."

"You have the documents that they need for the project...right? So as long as we have these, they can't continue trying to make her." I told her, trying to theorize how to stop this.

"That is true, but how long we're able to keep these files hidden remains unknown." She told us.

Cocoa stood up. "We can burn the files and then they won't be able to recover them."

Nightbolt shook her head. "No. If we burn the files, their research will be gone and their progress, but we'll be left doubting and worrying about what they will do next. This project's files should be contained."

Nick took the files from Nightbolt. "I'll take care of it." Was all that he said and exited the room.

Ringo raised an eyebrow. "So you're on our side now?"

She nodded. "I realized I was wrong, and the SBRF was wrong too. So I'll work alongside you."

"How crazy are you?!" Phoenix shouted. "Thinking we'll forgive you for what you've done!"

I raised my voice. "Phoenix!"

Phoenix then sat back down with his arms crossed, looking irritated.

"Sorry." I apologized.

She nodded. "It's okay. I'll be expecting that from him."

"What now?" Cocoa asked us all. "We really should decide on something, now that Fang's awake again."

" I say we let her rest for a bit until she's completely ready." Ringo told them, then they looked at me as I agreed with Ringo.

"I'm not feeling that all dandy." I stated. "A break from all the madness will do us all some good. And now that Nightbolt's a part of our team now, She should use this time to completely settle down and get some R and R in too."

They all agreed with me and they decided to let me rest a little more. Before Nightbolt left, she told me she was sorry for all that she did, and let me sleep a little longer. So now the SBRF is planning something more malevolent and more deadly than ever. Lapis Lazari... A human that would be able to swallow people and make them into her meals... That's a scary thought, and hard to imagine what would happen if she was created... It's for the best that her files are with Nick now, so the process needed to create her has came to a halt for the SBRF. But what else is going to be in store for us? Will we have to, once again, fight the SBRF? Will we be fighting unknown forces from another planet? Are we ever going to find Ringo's parents and family? and will Cocoa and I truly know who we were back when we were still human? I still don't know all of that, but it'll certainly be something...

Silver Fang is finally done!

Once again, this is my first story ever written. And there will be a series to this.

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