He reaches—
brash, insistent, unapologetic—
greedy for the fire
that now sustains him.

He reaches—
confident, or maybe arrogant—
an addict craving a fix,
uncaring who sees.

She comes—
soft, pliant and smiling—
just as covetous of her hoard
as he is of her gold.

She comes—
submitting to his insistence—
laughing at his lack of finesse,
belying her eagerness to give.

They meld—
strong hands holding her where he wants her—
though she does not resist,
melting into his hold.

They meld—
he steals inspiration from her lips—
lips, sips, sucks
then drinks deep of what he craves.

They come—
she draws him in—
cradling and supporting him
as he succumbs to her siren song.

They come—
strengthening each other—
as he worships his Muse,
as she adores her Scribe.