Zachary's were the first beings created by the creator. Some were created to be commoners others nobles. For nobility they are blessed with wealth and prestige. Most have the title of lord. Along with owning a small house to house family and one to three warriors. Often times they chose the word iron along with another word.

For example let's say our Zachary is called Zachary Iron-Apple. He's allowed to create a wife which is a gender bended version of himself. So she would be called Fem-Zach. He has a small house with three warriors. As a requirement he has to serve his king or queen. Such as taxes and his warriors. However Iron-Apple is offered an alliance with House Iron-Cheese. This would benefit the king along with both their houses. Now the king has two houses working together bringing more warriors and taxes.

Years pass and Lady Iron-Apple gives birth to a healthy baby boy. The lord's son is known as Zachary Iron-AppleII. Ensuring his line is safe. However lord Iron-Apple is ambitious. He purchases another small house. Giving him a total of six warriors. Should he have a son or daughter. He or she will take the second house along with the warriors garrisoned there. House Iron-Cheese has also fared well however they have a dispute. With Lord Zachary Iron-Corn of House Iron-Corn.

Wanting to avoid bloodshed Lord Iron-Apples pay's Iron-Cheese's debt. Impressed with loyalty to a friend and house in need. House Iron-Corn offers a trade agreement as a gesture of good faith. Along with more money from trade as House Iron-Apple has such wealth. This is the most basic example for the many Zachary houses from greater to minor.