When you shut the door I knew it was true

Sheets drenched in sweat and eyes of blue

I know you want it too

Baby Boy,

I like the way you do.

You discarded my panties and I lay on my back

Ate it like dinner

From my center to my crack

I know you eagerly await for yours too

Baby Boy,

When you grin so wide

I like the way you do.

Stay down for a while

hear my moans for miles

Yes, this one's for you Patrick Kyle.

You're never afraid to dive when the tide is high

Sitting up, a trail of bloody kisses on my thighs

A smile like the Joker's

You're so serious. Why?

As you take my body,

deep breaths

I'll remember this night through many deaths

You give me what I want

But make sure you're coming through

Because Baby Boy,

I love the way you do.