The Music Trio Part 3

By Shadowgate

Mary Carter and her mother Phyllis Carter along with her 10 year old son Kyle got on a bus in Orlando that was headed for Atlanta. She told Kyle he had to be quiet through the ride. She also told him the bus planned to stop for lunch.

Kyle smiled and turned on his IPAD.

Five minutes later Kyle stopped listening and said "mom look it's the Big Mad Trio. They do stage performances and country clubs."

Robert Simpson said "that's right we are."

Elvin McGuire stood up and said "let's do a performance now. Does anyone remember 2 Live Crew's Dirty Nursery Rhymes?"

Kevin Hunt stood up and said "Humpty Dumpty fell off a wall. Because a hoe on the avenue was sucking his balls. All the kings' horses and all the kings' men couldn't put that fat motherfucker back together again."

Robert said "my momma and your momma was talking little shit. My momma called your momma a bull dyke bitch. I know your sister and the bitch ain't shit. She kissed me and then she sucked my dick."

Phyllis stood up and said "now look we have a ten year old on this bus and I've heard all about the stunts you've pulled at country clubs."

Mary said "yeah they kick ass at country clubs."

Phyllis snapped "Mary!"

Kevin said "well for the 10 year old we'll do hickory dickory dock. Hickory Dickory Dock. Your momma sucked my cock. We ran around and your Grandma fell down. Hickory Dickory Dock!"

The bus driver Cliff Portman pulled over and said "okay now we need to have some order on this bus. Some passengers don't want to hear dirty language on the bus."

Kyle said "I want to hear dirty language on the bus."

Cliff exhaled and moaned and then Robert said "hey let's dedicate a song to the bus driver. La la la Cliff Portman he'd been married for 20 years. But all his life he preferred men over women. His wife dumped because he sucked a man's great big dick."

Elvin sang "oh a great big dick he sucked and there was cum everywhere."

Kyle laughed so loud.

The bus driver was not amused and threw the Music Trio off the bus.