"It's fucking freezing out here."


"And you're an asshole."


"You're totally okay with that, aren't you?"

She glanced up at him, eyes narrowed. The mist from her breath clouded his face for a moment, but then there he was; the cool, sadistic grin of a dark skinned man with equally dark eyes. Mist from his own breath billowed ever so slightly from his parted lips as the pair walked down a flight of stairs, leaving the bustle of the city street behind, and greeting the new chaos of metallic rumblings below.

Her breath hitched as a breeze skittered around her legs, teasing the hem of a not-so-modest skirt she had agreed to wear. She had worn it many times, but mostly on warm summer days and tepid spring nights. But here she was; shivering in the rapidly darkening sky of autumn just because he had wanted her to it. However, the skirt wasn't the only issue…

His voice roused her from her thoughts. "Pull down on that skirt any harder and you'll pull the thing right off." He chuckled darkly as he hopped lightly to the bottom of the stairs and turned on the spot to look back at her with those dark eyes. "You don't want everyone to know your little secret, do you?" The corners of his lips pulling upwards, he turned away, stuffing his hands in the pockets of his suave black coat.

Swearing under her breath, Kiana made after him and trotted down the final steps, praying that none of the strangers around her would pay too much attention to the flailing dance of her skirt. She was certain she had felt another cold draft race up her backside, and even more certain that anyone behind her would have seen what lie underneath. Or rather, what didn't.

The subway station was always busy. Right now it was too busy. As Kiana made chase for the man – Aaron – she buried her hands into the pockets of her coat, praying that the effort would keep the skirt down. Hours ago, it started off as no more than a playful dare. He had always liked her more scandalous clothing, and guiltily, so had she. The wandering eyes. The hungry looks. She couldn't even lie to herself about liking the attention. So this little dare shouldn't have been much of a problem. But now she felt naked. Exposed in the cool of night while strangers bumped into her, each nudge sending shockwaves of panic stampeding through her. What made matters worse is that he was clearly enjoying the torture she was forced to endure. She could make out his dark visage in the small crowd of people separating them, and every few paces or so he would glance back at her, smile, and keep moving.

A screeching din resonated off the walls. A subway car. They were getting close, and finally, the dense crowds began thinning as a long platform expanded to Kiana's left and her. Standing at the edge was Aaron, his back to her. His jacket fluttered as a subway car thundered by, but he stared straight ahead as if he were merely observing the weather.

"I'm never doing this again," Kiana breathed as she slid close to him. "You've had your fun all evening."

"You say that as if the fun is over," Aaron responded, his voice oddly casual. "Do you think I'd be satisfied just watching you?" He finally looked down at her, and she looked back up at him. She could feel his eyes taking in all of her – her shivering frame, the goosebumps on her exposed legs, and the flittering skirt that danced all around her barely hidden curves. An inexplicable warmth surged through her, as if his gaze alone could light a fire.

She quickly looked away, her breath coming faster than usual. "Since when have you ever 'just watched' me?"

Aaron leaned in closer, the mist of his breath tickling her ear. "I don't watch. I do."

Her lungs filling with cold, Kiana slowly turned to him. He was much closer than she thought he was. And suddenly, she was very okay with however close he wanted to be.

Another screeching ruckus tore her gaze from him. Their subway car had arrived, its silver doors sliding open with a small hiss. People piled in, grateful for a refuge from the cold.

A hand found Kiana's lower back. "Let's go." Aaron guided her forward to the nearest door as more and more people filled the car's interior. There was no way there'd be room for them, unless they wanted to be pressed against the doors.

"Wait." Kiana stopped, ignoring the push from Aaron's hand. "That's too many people. And I'm…ya know. I can't go in there like this." She dropped her gaze to her skirt, then looked back at Aaron.

His face was strangely tense. Not with anger, nor frustration. His eyes flitted to the door, then back at Kiana. "I know." He said to her, his voice deep. "I'll be there next to you. So don't worry. Just get on."

Something in his words made her legs move again. He took her by the hand and led her into a space that shouldn't have been enough for them both. But after much jostling from other passengers, and complaining, and some outright swearing, they squeezed in just as the doors closed. And they were off.

Kiana's breath fogged up the small, glass windows, but there was no helping it. Aaron's body – wonderfully warm, furnace-like body – was pressed against hers. There was no room to move, no room to look around. As the subway train rumbled on, a wall passed in front of her, and nearly all light was extinguished.


Aaron's voice. So close. So warm on her neck as she once again fogged up the glass.


"I think I've done enough looking."

Kiana's mind reeled. What was he talking about? She tried to turn her neck, but he was close. Too close. And once again, she liked it.

"Like I said," his deep voice barely above a whisper. "I don't watch. I do."

A firm, hard grasp at her thigh. Reflexively she jerked, but rammed her kneed into the door. Biting her lips to hold in her noise, she relaxed. This hand. She knew this hand. It banished away the cold, and as it slipped up, past the hem of her skirt, she bit her lip again.

Aaron's body pressed harder, pushing Kiana up on her toes. The hand was invading her now, caressing the parts she had tried so hard to hide all day. But now she was exposed on the train, surrounded by people and –

Her breath hitched as Aaron's hand explored further, dipping into the dampening valley between her legs. Heat – wonderful, body soothing heat spread from his fingers, and outwards, warming her thighs, her buttocks, and now…

"Oh…" She exhaled loudly, completely obscuring the window with fog. A sound, but no one would hear it. Not on this squeaking, rumbling metal car. So she leaned forward and let him explore her. He was using two hands now. One forcing her legs open, the other with busy fingers. Teasing her opening, her clit, as wetness began flowing freely from her.

"Open." Aaron's voice tickled her ear, sending waves of soft pleasure down her neck. "Now."

A flick of his fingers. Oh yes, she would open.

Obliging him, she stood up on her heels and spread her dampening upper thighs. Instantly, two of his fingers invaded her, and she moaned without restraint as his body pushed her even harder against the door. Her cheek was mashed against the fogged glass, her skirt pushed up way too high for comfort. But she didn't care. His fingers slid in and out rhythmically, her breath keeping time with them.

Like soft pulses from within her, growing in heat. Growing in pleasure. It spread downwards, searing her nerves with fiery pleasure. Up, through her chest, warming the chill air in her lungs and obliterating her thoughts. A firm hand grasped her thigh, demanding she open for him more.

Another finger entered her.


She did nothing to restrain the sound. Even over the din of the subway, it was impossible that it hadn't gone unnoticed. She escaped from behind the darkness of her eyelids and looked. There was definitely a man watching her. He had seen. But she didn't care. At this point, Aaron could do what he wanted.

Three fingers filled her, the warm pulsing from within was peaking. Her legs were failing, but a hand – his hand – snaked around her, grabbing her chest. She could feel her legs start to contract, her body begin spasm. A hot wave ignited within her and –


Her body went lip just as the subway car screeched to a stop. When Kiana opened her eyes, the subway car's light flicked on, Aaron's hands were in his pockets again, and the familiar hiss of the doors sounded as they slid apart.

"Come on. Don't hold up traffic." A hand on her lower back, and Aaron guided her out on shaky legs slicked with her own moisture.

Author: This is my first attempt at erotic fiction. I hope you enjoyed it :)