my head's under water but i'm breathing fine

i. you're my downfall

you look like my late aunt rosemary,

with russet leaves tangled in your ponytail,

in vintage maria white and go go boots,

prancing around the neighborhood,

frightening kids

ii. you're my muse

i'm riding shotgun with you,

heading straight through the highway,

the radio blasted on full volume

while passing billboard signs

of stars who crashed before

burning up like a firecracker

iii. my worst distraction

i watched as your lips turned blue

like the color of the sky

before a storm brews in,

but it's too cold to say goodbye

so i light a cigarette

iv. my rhythm and blues

these flowers remind me of your scent,

honeysuckle and rain and toothpaste

it's too late to cry so I'll sing you a requiem instead

ashes to ashes, dust to dust

v. the world is beating you down, i'm around through every mood

remember how we used to skip class

just to listen to punk rock songs

on the old cd player your brother had

before he was sent to military school?

i guess each melody tried desperately

to synchronize with your flat-lining heartbeat.

it sounded just like the wind whispering your name.

soundtrack: all of me by john legend