It all started with a new thought. It didn't really matter what the actual thought was at the time. You see people had been around for a while, and their thoughts are just as scattered as they always have been, so all the different thoughts had already been covered long before this thought came along. The Record of Thoughts got spottier and less complete as it went into the past, so it might be that it was thought of before. The Record of course was a new idea at the time the System was thought of, new ideas were thought of all the time back before it was established. But as time went on, as thoughts compiled and aggregated, as the processes and rules were refined, and events conspired together to make the world the way that it was, new thoughts were not something that really happened. And by new, it is to be understood that it was not just that it was new, science was refined, people gathered together, and connections were formed between objects that were never there before. These however, they all followed the rules; the processes were all respected. This thought, it almost could be referred to as an event, was different. It did something that nothing that was recorded before had ever done. It might be that this happened before there was a Record. The Record was made to prevent this from happening.

This thought challenged the Truth. Not just prevailing thought. Or systematic reasoning, dogma and events. But even worse, beyond perception and conscious thought, the very basis of our existence. Perception was proven to be the fundamental basis of how humanity came to be. Beyond a shadow of a doubt. And yet this thought challenged it.

Normally this would be dismissed as a result of insanity. That would not be a problem. Some people would follow it, but a reasoned approach would find the flaws to dismiss it. Eventually the System would find the weight to purge it from the Record. Traces would still be there, of course, to prevent the return of that kind of virus. Those methods were already examined, and not only was the System unable to find the reason to eliminate it, but a manual purge that left the traces as normal was stymied. The only hope it to eliminate it entirely and it's source and hope that it will not return or infect any of the other sources.

~A selection of the Record from the Regis

This has been edited to remove any mention of the actual content, or persons involved to limit the possible spread and future threat of . Possible System collapse is weighed at 27%.

Chapter 1

Anything bad that happened to him always landed on a Tuesday. Kyle knew that the superstition was unfounded, the System informed him that there was no statistical basis for that thought - actually it said that if anything Mondays and Wednesdays were above the average. But he knew that today was going to be atrocious and he wanted to have something to blame it on. The very date could be responsible. He had the System installed on a Tuesday. That was enough precedent for Kyle.

What had happened was that James had not come to deliver the new gear. It was a new connection system that was high demand. Something about boosting your data delivery rate, Kyle didn't really know the specs for it yet. It was new however. That was enough to make the customers interested in getting it installed in their quarters. Nearly a thousand preordered through his store. With the margin that Kyle had got from getting them delivered through James's service, there was even a chance that he could settle his debts. At least the ones that might get his legs broken if he couldn't pay for them.

James ran a below the board shipping company named after himself. James and sons. Not really seedy or anything, he just hadn't got the right licensing or the papers to sell to just anyone. Kyle had used the System to check on him.

It had said, There is a 96% chance of a successful partnership based on known qualities of James and Sons employees and their associates. James comes from old money from an inheritance. And one other thing, James is currently single and has or has had no sons.

Which had seemed weird at the time to Kyle. He muttered under his breath. No one who lies like that should be trusted.

Now it was the time of reckoning - the first customer that had ordered one had appeared in front of his window, peering in to see if he was open yet. At least in the store willing to open the door and let her in. She appeared out of breath, likely due to the fact that she looked unfit to stand up under the weight that she was carrying not due to moving strenuously. Although any movement could be strenuous Kyle supposed. He steeled himself to the confrontation that he knew was coming. As he went to the door he took a deep breath and fired a command to the System. ?Notify all of the pre-orders that I have not received the component as expected and I will return the credits to whomever ?whoever? Whomever is the correct word to use here wishes to look for a different store to purchase from. I will be reporting daily until the error is corrected.? Before he even touched the handle he was already receiving complaints. Not very complimentary complaints either. Insulting your ancestors was not a very classy thing to do. And in those words- he wouldn't dare repeat any of those in public for fear of being reported. ?Please mute responses to this matter for the time being. I'll get to them later? Understood

The incessant hammering on the door was getting on his nerves. He opened the door and tried to get the first word in before he was cut of by the breathless woman, "Is the DataReignTM unpacked yet? I know it's early but I really wanted to be the first to get to use it and you said that I would be here today and can I have it now please I won't be much of a bother, I mean I can wait but I just want to be the first you know."

Kyle looked like someone just stabbed him with a fork. He grit his teeth and begun his apology, "Sorry miss, the device has not come in as of yet. I will be investigating the precise location of it today and you will be the first to get it when they finally are delivered." He stopped. The lady's face froze. "I will not be opening today because of that. I hope you will remain a customer of mine. If you wish I will return your credits to you but that would mean that you will lose your place in the line."

The lady remained standing there, even after he closed the door. Kyle wondered if she would cry or fly into a rage, but nothing really happened as he walked back into the depths of the store. He wasn't really worried that any of his customers would retract their orders, his price was that much better than his competitors. Not only that but the pre-orders for everyone else was so extensive that there wouldn't be free units for three or four months at least. The big difference between him and the rest was that he had a different source than the rest. An Unsanctioned source.

Not anyone could get access to the Unsanctioned. The permitting and red tape that he had to run through the System was ridiculous. The System didn't really want to let anyone access the Unsanctioned, but the resources that they had meant that some people had to deal with them. The System also took a major portion of any of the dealings that he made, for the greater good. But if all the major tech was extracted from the Unsanctioned, that they undoubtedly stole or got through ill-gotten means, for food and necessities, then the problem could be contained. And Kyle had got this access.

Just now it had backfired on him. He queried the System ?Contact James? James is out of contact ?Where is the gear that he was going to deliver today? There is no record of his product that you were purchasing ?You told me that likelihood of a failed partnership was only 4%? Upon recalculation the prediction has changed to an almost certainty that your partnership will fail

Kyle sat there for a long time. The System was wrong? His thinking had to almost stop and restart. This was not one of the outcomes that he expected. ?What is the actual percentage now? 99.994% ?Where is James now? Unknown

Kyle didn't know how to respond to this. The world that he knew had already began to change.

System collapse possibility increased to 27.3% Further preventative measures possibly necessary.