The Cold Months of Winter


I have never been as lonely

as I have been within your arms,

and our home is far from homely

while our love brings only harm.

But you say it doesn't matter

as long as I have you,

so I drown my tears in laughter

as I place my faith in you.

It's a mistake I will regret I know,

but I can't let go.


I have never seen you happy

within this life that we have built,

and I know you're right to hate me,

as your heart grows cold and still.

Yet you say "it doesn't matter

as long as I have you,"

and you drown your tears in laughter

as your causeless faith renews.

It's a mistake you will regret you know,

but you can't let go.


My world has gone to ruin

and your soul has left this earth.

There is no joy left in laughing

and my life's been made a curse.

We should have seen it mattered

that I had no faith in you.

We should have seen it mattered

you had no faith to renew.

Fools we were to somehow never know

we should have let go.