Tell me, tell me,

Darling, why these tears keep falling for you,

My eyes becoming waterfalls as my cheeks become streams,

My heart pulsing of burning lava as you set it on fire,

Burst everything I have and make me see only you,

Make a relationship with another be an illusion I make to

Cover you.

Tell me, tell me,

Darling, why my heart beats only for you,

Why every love song holds you,

Every dream, every thought,


Tell me, tell me,

Darling, why I want you enough to wait for you,

Day by day,

Breaking more until I don't know if I can take it anymore,

Seeing the end hurtling towards me,

Wanting nothing more than for you to hold me and pick up the pieces of my heart,

Then give me yours,

Why my chest seems to fill with something unknown,



Filled with longing,

Memories of the feeling of you holding me close,

The warmth of your body, your arms

Holding me,

Protecting us in a bubble from the world around us

For a few moments,

Until the pain of being ignored comes back at the end of the day,

So suddenly,

The pain rushing up to meet my face on the sidewalk,

Wondering if you will even look back when we say goodbye for the

Last time