I stare into the abyss, something is amiss.

I can't move freely, everything is so dreary.

The darkness continues to consume me, do I let it?

No! By nature, I am unruly.

I am feared by all!

I am the devil! I'd sell my right arm just to watch my enemies fall.

But why am I so weak? I feel the cold beneath my feet.

The cold means nothings here.

The cold is creeping on me.

The cold tells me that I am alone.

I hear a crack, then a crumble. What was that? I mumbled.

Dirt fell upon my nose. I rose to my feet in search of a way out.

"I am the devil! I shall conquer any challenge!" I howled.

What became of my declaration? The cold had an answer, it sucked the life out of me once more-

I succumbed to the darkness, and laid on the cold floor.

The cold played with my head, hence the sorrowful dread making it's triumphant return.

It brought past memories. Joyous glee filled inside of me. I remember!

My friends, my family, a loyal dog that sat beside me, always my endearing company.

The cold's touch reminded me that was all an illusion. He whispered in my ear…

I fear you're conjuring up delusions. You are the devil. A menace to the very earth we inhabit.

If you die, no one will come to your funeral, not even the maggots.

I knew this was true, for he assured me. My only friend I thought, in this gloomy abyss where I'll rot.

But when the cold suddenly disappeared, and I leered downwards, I had an epiphany.

My clawed hands, my webbed feet couldn't save me.

I was stuck forever.

I am forever in eternal solitude.