32 Year Old James Burkley was madly in love with his colleague, 21 year Old Brunette, Caroline Barrett. Not only was she smart, but she was the hottest, gal, he had ever met in his life. James had gotten along really well with Caroline and assumed she was into him, as she had sometimes share laughs and hugs and she would geniungly give him a peck on the cheek now and then. They were best friends. One evening, James decided to make his move. James asked Caroline out for a drink and she gladly excepted. They headed to a night club on an early Friday evening, had a few cocktails and James flirted with her somewhat silly. On a tipsy note, he just blurted it out.

" I love you!" James shouts out, with the music blaring in the background.

Caroline smiles and kisses him on the cheek again, as her eyes fill with tears.

"I love you too, D... DAVE!"

Caroline looks up and a tall dark handsome, 21 year old Dave appears from in the crowd and sits beside Caroline and plants a passionate kiss on her lips, breaking James heart.

"Not late am I?" Dave asks.

"Not at all," Caroline assures, turning to introduce Dave to James. "Oh you haven't met my dear good friend James have you?"

"Pleased to meet you James, Caroline has told me all about you."

James reluctantly shakes Daves hand, knowing it's the man who has beating him into getting the girl of both their dreams. After exchanging awkward conversation, Dave asks the DJ to turn down the music and he gets on one and asks Caroline to marry him.

"I DO!" Caroline screams out with joy.

Caroline grabs James and kisses his face off. Every applauds, just as the music resumes. Caroline turns and finds James is not present in the club.

"Where's James?" Caroline frowns.

"He's probably going to dry his eyes out."

"Oh, my God. What date is it?"

"Why whats the matter?"

"It happens tonight."

"Tonight? Caroline what are you talking about."

James staggers distraught through the pouring rain, as he is brought to defeat by Daves proposal. As he stumbles into the Cul- De Sac Road, when Dazzling headlights catch him off Guard, and he is thrown into the air, over the car and hits the floor unconscious.

Seconds pass, and James awakes in a field to a concerned voice. The voice is that of 25 year old Amy Mcgovern. Dave sits up and cries out, as he sits up. He looks around no rain, no Cul-Sac and no cars, just himself and a dark haired farm house girl. It takes a while for Dave to compose him and take in his surroundings.

"What happened?" Dave wonders.

"I could ask you the same question," Amy claims. "I was grabbing a glass of milk, when I saw this bright light. I ran out and found you just lying here."

"Where the hell am I?"

"Mcgovern residents farm, I take it you're lost."

"All I remember is walking from the 'The 90's Club' and getting hit by a car."

"90's club?"

"Yeah it's...two bl...ocks away."

Pointing down the deserted, dark road, that looks like it leads to nowhere.

"Where's Chucks-Ville?"

"Never heard of it. C'mon I'll help you inside and make you some Coco."

Amy makes James some Coco and he has a shower. Her father is none to happy, that Amy has let a stranger into the house, but Amy feels comfortable, in allowing James to stay the night, another night, and another and another, when they soon find themselves falling in love and making love. Her father soon takes to James, when he starts doing chors around the farm. On a Cold Winter Monday morning, Dave decides he has to call his friends and family, as well as his employers to let them know where he is or they will start worrying. Him being too pre-occupied with Amy, has made him forget what's going on elsewhere, the last few days. James dials his employers and it states that the number doesn't exist. So he phones his mothers home. A young boys voice answers.

"Burkley Residents?"

"Hello, who is this?"

"James Burkley."

"Yeah and I'm Obi Wan Kenobi, who is this really?"

"James Burkley, are you deaf asshole?"

"Why you little...get off the phone you little shit, put me onto the owner of the house."

James can hear the boy call out to someone. "Mom, there is a mad man on the phone he wants to talk to you! He called me a little shit."

A female voice comes onto the phone.

"Who is this?"

"Mom, it's me James who was that."

"Who the fuck is this?"

"Your son, James, sorry I haven't called in days, but I'm safe."

"I don't feel safe you calling here, whoever you are."


"You heard me you delinquant. And if you ever call back, I will force my hand to call the police."

"Mom, it's me, your son."

"Fuck off, you- you, parasite."

The phone goes dead.

"There's something not righ-t he...re..."

James looks up at the calender on the wall. Instead of November 16th 2016, it reads January 16th1995. James hurries to find Amy.

"Amy, the night you found me, how bright was the light?" James pants.

"Bright enough, I thought a U.F.O. was coming into land," Amy replies.

"So it wasn't your regular truck or car headlight?"

"Why where you going with this?"

"What year is this, Amy?"

"Are you fucking serious?"

"I know this sounds crazy, but I've time travelled from the future into the past."

Amy starts to laugh hysterically at James claims.

"James, I think you need a lay down, I'll bring you some water."

"Amy, it happened because I was hit by a car. That explains the fields and your farm house, my Mother not knowing who I am, the calender and me calling , my Younger self a little Shit!" Chucks-Ville town hasn't been built yet, it doesn't start construction 'til 2000 and doesn't finish 'til 2008."

"James, whats the matter?"

"I remember that conversation, I had with myself back then. I was 11 years old. And I remember you. You fought so hard to save this farm, but developers had the upper hand. Then you were never seen again."

"James you're scaring me."

"I'm 21 years in the past, I'm a time traveller."

"You're crazy, I want you to leave."

"Amy, please believe me. I love you."

"Believe you, when you say hurtful things."

"The date of my accident was November 16th 2016."

Amy puts her hands on her ears.

"I'm not listening Lalalalalaa!"

Suddenly, James collapses in agony and cries out.

"James! What is it?!" Amy gasps.

"Something is happening to me."

The house then starts to shake and it then becomes like an Earthquake.

"Oh my God, what the Hell?"

James begins to rise into the air and a bright appears above him. James looks prolongingly at AMY, as he is forced into the light.

"I love you."

James is sucked into the light and he disappears.

Injured James awakes in a hospital bed, with 46 year old Amy Mcgovern grasping his hand. Tears falling down her face, she then forms a smile.

"I've waited 21 years for this moment."

"I mean't what I said."

"I know, I love you too. How do you feel?"


"You broken your left leg and have a fractured elbow. But, I'm sure we can mend you up in no time. You had a nasty bump to the head"

"Has my mother been in?"

"Yep, and she thinks I should be committed and sued for making claims of time travel while in your Coma."

"You told her."

"Well, I had to, since she has a ..."

"A what?"

"A grand daughter."

"A Grand daughter, you mean..."

"We had a child?"

"We had a daughter and she's waiting outside. I'll bring her in."

Amy heads to the door, leaving James shocked. Amy opens the door and in steps Caroline Barrett, with her fiance Dave.

"Hi, Daddy." Caroline smiles.


"I know it's a strange situation, you're daughter only being 9 years younger than you and me being what you could call your cougar or Milf. But, there's one final twist to this extrodinary happy conclusion," Amy explains.

"What's that?"

"I'm gonna be Mama, Grandpa," Caroline cheers. "Dave and I are having a baby."

James looks to the ceiling astonished.

"Holy sht."

James mother walks in and wonders what all the excitement is.

"What in Gods name is going on in here?!" James mother screeches. "James thank God you're alive.

"Hey, Mom, you're gonna be a Great- Grand Mother."

"This crazy woman who claims to be your time travelling girlfriend, hasn't brainwashed you with this Back To The Future garbage has she?"

"But, it's true Mom. It happened. Time Travel is possible. Whoever who hit me with that car, it was a blessing in disguise."

James laughs with his pain.

"Well, I'm glad you think it's funny you stupid Bastard, because it wasn't funny from where I was sitting," his mother sobs.

"What do you mean?"

"It was me who ran you over."

Suddenly, the room erupts in joy, as the family embrace James mother for making the next generation possible. James mother is confused.