The Art Class: A Harry Duke Experience

And so here we are at the final chapter. I've really enjoyed writing this and have been pleased by the fact so many of you have been reading it. I say it's the final chapter, but who knows? Things can change, but do enjoy and please review!

The sports block was only a stones throw away from the art block which was a blessed relief after the small panic we'd had. Looking back, we could have stayed comfortably where we were for longer but it was risky for sure. The sports block was always quite empty at lunch as the sporty guys and girls were out on the school field playing and messing about. Some guys were known for going on runs too, although not many it had to be said. Despite being clothed, I felt very exposed at this moment in time. My cock was still hard and I was certain people would be able to see it. Danny's on the other hand was quite visible – I'd noticed it – but he was just more concerned with getting a shower I think. We entered the block and made our ways to guys changing room, turning right from the small foyer to the guys side of the sports block.

"It better not be locked." said Danny as we moved towards the door. I hoped as much too. I'd have been mortified if I'd had to carry on the rest of the day knowing how sticky I was under my clothes. The experience to get there had been lovely, but the aftermath less so. Just imagine sitting to a guy whose got cum, and not all of it his own, on his chest. It doesn't sound nice put like that does it?

Thankfully the door wasn't locked and we rounded the small bend after it to the locker-room. The locker-room itself was a small, yellow room that had seen better days. It had been the same yellow paint for years and was starting to peel in the corners. There was a definite smell of teenage boy in the air and that was clearly trying to be masked by a wide array of deodorants and colognes you could smell too. At the side of the locker-room on either side were a set of lockers that never really closed. People taking others clothes, whether by accident or as part of a prank, happened all too often. Then, in the middle was a big long bench and hangers for people to get dressed and undressed on, but those benches had seen better days too. There were other smaller ones in the corners of the locker-room as well and it was where I decided to put down my backpack. As I did that and took off my shoes and socks, Danny called my name as he'd noticed someone else's clothes and a towel in another corner.

"We're not alone." he said to me. "That's all we needed."

That stopped me in my tracks and Danny stood still too. Listening closely, we could hear the showers in use just out of sight of the yellow locker-room. There was a little walkway to them from the locker-room itself which I always found a little bizarre. The floor to the showers was made of cold tiles as well which didn't help my dislike of them.

From what I remember of the showers, there was a set of around 15 of them, all tall steel ones with a simple shower head on their top. I hated using them after sport lessons though and tried my best to avoid ever needing them, always going into the toilets to freshen up instead. I couldn't do that this time though as my chest still felt sticky from the cum.

As I contemplated the fact someone else was going to see us, Danny being Danny though had started stripping off. It wasn't a sexy strip this time, more just efficient and it wasn't long before he was down to his boxers; his cock outline still very visible through the tight white material. However, with this being an unplanned visit, neither of us obviously had a towel for after our showers, so Danny started looking through the lockers on the walls, hoping that a towel may have been left over.

"You can help." he said to me, some frustration clearly on his face. I immediately started looking in the lockers on the other side of the locker-room but like Danny wasn't having any luck. As he searched, I noticed that his cock outline had become even more visible. Was this turning him on? Possibly. Looking at Danny's cock was turning me on again even after everything we'd done so far. As I rooted through lockers and Danny did the same, it was clear that wasn't a spare towel about. Danny was getting really frustrated. I think if another person wasn't about, he'd have been okay without having one, but this had spooked him almost.

Then, we both heard the shower stop just beyond the little walk and after a short silence, we heard the footsteps of someone returning to the locker-room. Whoever it was, I doubt they were expecting us.

As their footsteps got louder on the tile floor, I didn't know what to do with myself and all Danny could do was tug at his very apparent bulge. Looking on, we saw who the person was. Walking out completely naked, the boy, who by the looks of things was about 15, was caught by complete surprise at our appearance. He jumped at the sight of us and his dripping wet body dripped even more before he quickly covered his modesty and his face went bright red with embarrassment.

"What the actual fuck?" he said, clearly annoyed. "What are you doing? You weren't in my lesson..."

We very much weren't. He was obviously the straggler of his group, there was always one who stayed behind taking their time to get dressed.

"I'm sorry." I apologised to the naked guy. "I'm a student, I must be in the year above you, but I need a shower. I've been running a lot" I added, lying through my teeth.

"And him?" said the guy, pointing to Danny as his free hand slipped, exposing his cock to us. For once, I was bigger than someone; that made for a nice change.

"I need a shower too." answered Danny as he tried to avert his gaze from the naked guy's body. "I'm his friend by the way. I was also running." he added. "Where are the towels?"

"Towels?" said the guy. "You know they've changed the rule, don't you?" he added. I was confused and so was Danny but the guy explained that since Danny had left the school and since I'd last been in the sports block that the school made students bring in their own towels now. It was a cost-cutting exercise apparently. That was all we needed to hear.

"Well can we borrow yours when you're done?" I then asked, knowing immediately what the answer would be. I knew it was a stupid question when I asked. As if a random guy, whose dick I'd just seen, was going to let me and another complete stranger use his towel. As if.

"No, course not. Fuck off." was the completely predictable response from the naked guy as he covered himself in the towel. I completely understood but Danny had simply had enough. I think he was tempted to go over to the guy and take his towel regardless but I could see he was having some kind of second thoughts on the matter.

"Fuck it." he said as he took off his boxers, throwing them on to the pile of clothes he'd already taken off. Walking past the towel guy without covering up I think he was trying to make a point. I saw Danny even got a grip of his cock in front of the guy, but I don't know what the message behind that was. The guy didn't really react though and just just dried off, his pert bum for all to see.

"You coming Harry?" Danny beckoned as he walked down to the showers. I was still mostly clothed at this point and just threw caution to the wind and stripped off. I tried not to think about towel guy looking at me oddly but I knew I'd have done the same if I was in his position. My shirt was first to go and then my trousers next again. I'd done this once too often today and when I lowered my boxers to the floor, I sighed. I thought about covering up but I just wanted to be like Danny so I too walked past the towel guy without covering up my cock. It was still hard so I don't know if towel guy thought I was having a boner about him, but I can't deny that he had a nice body.

The whole ease at which I walked past him was something though. If this whole situation had happened before jerking off with Danny, which was highly unlikely I'll point out, then I doubt I would have done that.

My feet immediately felt the chill of the cold tiles as I walked on down to the showers. This walk didn't bring back many good memories if I was honest. The guys with the great bodies were all show-offs and made fun of those who were very insecure. I was easy pickings for them. I was a late bloomer too which only made me even more vulnerable to being picked on.

I cast those memories to the back of my mind though and when I reached the showers, I saw Danny was already there lathering himself up with a spare soap that he'd found lying about. It was probably towel guy's soap, but I don't think we were going to let him know. The sight of Danny like this just summed up how weird a day it had been. When I woke up that morning, I never expected I'd be sharing my lunch time naked with Danny Grainger, actual Danny Grainger, but I was.

And I know I've said it before, but Danny looked amazing. He really did. His naked body was a real treat for the eyes. I felt quite honoured to have seen it in all its glory on this day. If I was going to describe the perfect body, then I would say Danny's without question.

"Are you just gonna stand there staring at me?" Danny then called as he faced me straight on, his cock still hard from earlier. "I don't mind if you do, but it is a bit weird mate." he added.

Danny had called me mate. I could see he was smiling widely at that. It was nice to see him embrace new friendship and this was clearly one that had its perks, well from my perspective at least.

As Danny continued to lather up, he beckoned me over. You could fit two people under the water of one of the school showers and clearly Danny was happy to share with me. I walked over, not hesitantly for once, and joined him, facing him. The water was quite lovely and warm, nothing like what I remember it being. Did Danny had a magic touch with the water? Maybe, or could it have been the situation that was masking the coldness of the shower.

"Turn round." said Danny sweetly. I did so without even questioning. I wasn't sure why Danny had asked me to do that, but soon his hands were on my back. He was lathering me up with the spare soap. His hands were soft and the feel of him, even on my back, was lovely.

His hands went up and down my back with a bit of lathering going on my shoulders too. It was as if he was giving me a massage. Then his hands moved down onto my bum. They didn't stay there for too long but the feeling of it was quite something.

"You can turn back round." he said softly this time and again I followed his sweet-toned command. Now, it was time being lathered up on my front. Using both hands, Danny was circling the soap onto my body and was really taking him time about it. He was doing it with some care. The same could be said as he moved further down my body and then when he moved onto my cock. He lathered that up with a glint in his eye as he lathered up my pubes and stroked my cock.

That was all he did though and proceeded back to washing himself. That was still a lot to take in though and as we faced each other again, sharing the water raining on down from the shower head, I laughed. I don't know why, but I did.

"What's so funny?" Danny asked.

"I don't know." I replied as I struggled to stifle my laugh. It was obviously a bit of an infectious one as Danny began to laugh too, but why had it started? I'm still not sure even now. It eventually died down though and I moved closer to Danny, our cocks almost touching as I stood there.

I moved into hugging him and Danny just allowed me to do so. We'd hugged earlier in the art closest but this felt better. I think the fact I felt cleaner just made it better. My hands even worked their way down Danny's body and because Danny had felt my bum, I thought it was only right I got a feel of his.

"Cheeky." he remarked as my hands got a feel of each cheek.

"Fair is fair." I said, reminding Danny of what he'd said in the art closet. He didn't argue with that and let me have a feel. It was definitely the best bum I'd felt, but then again he was only competing against Zack. When the feel was done, we just washed away the remaining soap from our bodies and switched off the shower. Danny looked at me.

"This has been quite the day." he said. I nodded in agreement. "Who says it has to end here though?" he added with a bite to his lower lip again. That was obviously Danny being a tease once more, but what could he mean? I wasn't sure but I followed him back to the locker-room. The tiled floor still felt cold on the way back and our dripping wet bodies weren't making that feel any better. I felt like I could have slipped at any moment, but the sight of watching a naked Danny walk back to the locker-room made up for that feeling.

Much to mine and Danny's relief, towel guy was nowhere to be seen on our return to the locker-room and Danny immediately went to his clothes, reaching for his phone.

"Oh, we've got plenty of time still." he said as he looked at the time. Indeed we did. Lunch was an hour long and we'd only been in the sports block and got showered in 18 minutes. Plenty of time indeed. We were still dripping wet though and with no towel in sight, I wasn't sure how we were going to dry off.

As I thought how this was going to be solved – I didn't particularly want to hang around for ages just to dry off – I saw Danny was taking a naked selfie in the only full-length mirror of the locker-room. He was taking quite a few of them and was either facing straight on at the mirror or side on to show how hard his cock was.

"Come on." he called over. "Photo time." he added. I was a little puzzled. Did he really want me to pose with him in a naked selfie? If he did, what might other people think if they see it? How would he explain it?

"It's just for me." Danny revealed. "Well I can send it to you after. It's our picture." he added as he put an arm round me and we looked into the mirror. Both our cocks were rock hard and we were both trying to pull a serious face as Danny took the pictures. He could carry off that smouldering look with ease. I'm not sure I could.

With the picture done, Danny took a seat on the bench in the middle of the locker-room and just relaxed. I don't think he was that bothered about finding a towel now. He seemed happy again. I wasn't as happy though as I did want to dry off, so I continued to look for a towel. I looked in lockers that I knew I'd previously checked but I didn't want to be dripping wet for ages. I had the slight fear that somebody might walk in on us and how could I explain it.

"Oh yeah, I forgot my towel." was all I could think of as an excuse. "My friend has too." I thought as well, trying to explain Danny's nakedness. That wouldn't work in my opinion so I kept looking as Danny sat on the bench in his familiar pose again, arms behind his head.

Slamming locker doors in frustration, I continued to have no luck in finding a towel. Then, in the corner of my eye I saw one locker that I didn't recall checking before. Something was peeking out of its door ever so slightly and I went over to it.

I was beyond relieved when I saw it was a towel upon opening the locker door. It was only a small towel and it was soaking wet, but I was sure if I wrung it out, it would be fine.

"Thank god for that." I sighed but Danny didn't seem that bothered. He was messaging on his phone, a smile showing in the corner of his mouth.

I tried my best to wring out the water from the heavily sodden towel and then did my best at drying myself off. My legs were the easiest to dry, but it was my back that was an issue. It was then when Danny offered to help.

"Come on. You're making a meal out of it." he said, taking the towel from me. He was like a parent drying off a young child from their bath, he just took full control of the situation. He raised my arms, dried them, dried my chest and my back and then dried off around my cock. He left me to dry off my hair though, that was something he felt I could achieve on my own.

"I've got a younger brother and two young cousins." said Danny. "I'm used to having to dry them off. Well, when they were younger anyway. Not done it in a while."

"Thanks." I said as I offered him the towel. He said to throw it his way and I did. It was still a bit wet and my throwing skills weren't the best, so it typically went on his face. "Sorry." I apologised.

"No problem." he said as he started to dry himself off. "We need to do this more often." Danny then said.

Did Danny mean jerking off in the art closet and then showering together? If so, I'd hardly say no to it.

"Hanging out together I mean." he then clarified. "You're fun to be around. I haven't smiled as much as this in a long while." he added.

I smiled back as I reached for my boxers, but I thought against that, changing my mind.

"What the heck?" I said, putting them away in my backpack. "I can freeball with only one lesson left today."

By now, I'd gone quite soft compared to how I'd been for a long while but I was beyond caring at this point. I just wanted to impress Danny and if that meant going without boxers, that meant that. My tan trousers soon found their way back onto my body as did my shirt, but then Danny threw his tight white boxers my way.

"I'm following your lead." he said as he finished drying himself off.

"Aren't you going to keep them?" I asked, looking at his boxers.

"Haven't got a bag." he said. "Keep them until next time." he added as he reached for his jeans.

I took the boxers far quicker than I should have and put them in my bag without even waiting to see if Danny was joking. It could have been a joke and I'd not realised but it wasn't. Danny had really handed me his boxers. I was going to cherish them for sure.

When Danny put on his shirt, I'd finished dressing and was just tidying up my hair in the full-length mirror. To think, just minutes earlier I'd been posing naked with Danny in this mirror. Now I was dressed and looking quite normal again. That was quite the comedown.

Danny then walked up behind me.

"Thanks again for everything." he said. "I really do mean it mate." he added as he offered himself for a hug once more, an offer I took him up on. Even after showering, he smelled of cologne. How had he managed that?

"When's your next art lesson?" he then asked.

" week." I replied after a moment's thought.

"Well we'll see each other before then." Danny replied. "I'm free Friday night if you're interested? No-one will be round mine. Dad will be out with work mates, mum's at work and my brother's with his friends. I could do with the company."

"Yeah, no problem." I said. "I don't know where you live though."

"I'll message you." he said he reached for his phone. "Oh yeah, I'll send you that photo now." he added as after a short wait my phone pinged with our naked picture. It really was something. I smiled at it as Danny then made his way to the door.

"Friday night. Don't forget." he reminded me.

"What will we be doing?" I asked.

"Whatever you want." he answered, biting that lower lip of his again before opening the door and leaving. I quickly followed and watched Danny make his way into the small foyer. We still had plenty of time before the end of lunch, but he felt it was best that he went now otherwise he might not have gone at all.

One last hug in the sports block foyer followed before I waved Danny on his way. As he left, I looked to the photo of us on my phone. To think, I had proof that I'd been naked with Danny Grainger, actual Danny Grainger. This hadn't been a dream at all. What we had done in the art closet had happened and who knows what was to come.

So, as Danny left and was going into the distance, I slowly began to make my way out of the foyer. As I was about midway out of the door, I could see someone running towards the sports block. They looked very out of breath.

I couldn't tell who it was either but they had light brown hair that was moving up and down as they jogged towards me. As they neared, I noticed that they were quite a bit red in the red, but most of all, they weren't wearing a shirt. It really was a surprise that as they neared the block, I realised who it was.

"Oh..." I muttered. It was the guy who was normally seen holding the door for me outside the art block. The guy I thought who was cute. He had a vest he'd obviously been wearing tucked into the banding of his black shorts. I gathered that he must have been on a run, but it was safe to say that he looked nice.

"Are the locker-rooms unlocked?" he asked me, trying to catch his breath.

"Yeah. Just been there myself" I replied before then holding the door open for him.

"Makes a change this..." he remarked with a smile on his sweat-drenched face. He wiped some of it away as he said that which only drew even more of my attention to his body. It wasn't as well toned as Danny's but again it was better than mine. He even had some chest hair forming which I found quite attractive too.

"I'm Harry by the way." I said as he began to walk through into the sports block. He offered out his hand to me.

"Will." he said as he shook my hand, wiping some more sweat off his brow with his free hand. "Had you been on a run as well?" he asked.

"Course." I lied, smiling as I did so.

"We'll have to have a run together then some time." he smiled as he walked on through, making his way to the guys locker-room. A thought did come through my head though as Will walked on to the locker-room. I hadn't spotted anyone else's things in there, so was he just doing what me and Danny had done?

The thought of a naked Will was quite tempting too I mused, but I tried not to think too much about it. He did have a nice body though. I tried to forget that though and went on my way, thinking of what me and Danny could do on Friday night. More of the same perhaps? Or something else? Maybe those earlier offers of blow jobs or a kiss could now be fulfilled?

Whatever it would turn out to be, I did wonder if Will might be at all interested? There was only one way to find I looked at the time, smiled, and turned back round to the sports block, claiming I'd forgotten something in the locker-room.

Well, Danny could always do with another friend and they do say the more the merrier, don't they?