Just a flash historical romance for my friend Maddy. I didn't know what to get her for her birthday and one day we had a convo about her girlfriend Joan of Arc and we decided that if I wrote a friend-fiction about them that could count as her present LOL.

Just a note, I know nothing about any of the religious and historical elements used in this, and pretty much got everything from the Joan of Arc Wikipedia page. So please forgive any inaccuracies.

Oh, and the French translations are at the bottom.



Quand ma copine de retour de la guerre?

Madeleine gazed trustingly upwards towards the drooping face of Jesus Christ, rub-rusted rosary rolling between her fingers. Every day after breakfast Madeleine would trek through her charred village to the church to pray her beloved home safe from battle. Jeanne, her ladylove, had been seeing Saints since she was thirteen, and had been away helping the French resist against English rule since nineteen. Madeleine and Jeanne, though at first reluctant due to their devout Catholicism, had been in love since they were fourteen. Only after Jeanne had a divine vision of Saint Catherine of Alexandria giving her blessing did the two girls feel comfortable in their affections, however, and have of course kept their relationship secret, from all except God, ever since.

When Jeanne was enlightened with knowledge that would help her country in the war and became determined to get in the thick of it, Madeleine was understandably terrified. What if the Royal Court didn't believe in Jeanne's gift? What if they did, and something happened to her in battle? The horror could not prevent Madeleine from supporting her girlfriend, however. If this was His plan for Jeanne, then that was what was right and she would have to have faith that He would not let harm come to her love. Jeanne was positive that the Court would find her truthful and that the Archangel Michael would protect her in war.

Neither girl expected the French to cause concern. When Jeanne had originally gone to the Court, they wanted to make sure that she was theologically pure, and visited her hometown to inquire about her. They had marched through the heavy doors of the church one day and thoroughly examined each person inside. The priest and clergymen had raved about Jeanne, about how she was such a good Christian, and Madeleine could feel her skin grow cold. Would they find out? Would they reject Jeanne, even if they knew the love was approved from above? Would she ruin Jeanne's destiny?

They did not find out, even though Madeleine had been sure they'd seen right through her during her cross-examination with them. They accepted Jeanne and Madeleine had not laid eyes on her for a year. In that time, Jeanne would write to her dearest, so Madeleine usually had news of Jeanne's successes, and would promise her affection and yearning for her. When France and England called a truce, Jeanne included that her whereabouts would be stable enough for Madeleine to write her back. Though she did not have much to say in regards to their little village and the miniscule events of her providential life, Madeleine penned a love note for every letter Jeanne had. Certes, elle doit rentrer à la maison maintenant que nous sommes dans une trêve!

It'd been three months since Madeleine had sent the letter, and she had neither heard from nor seen her love. She felt uneasy, and spent even more time knelt in front of the figure of Jesus. His face seemed to only droop further every passing day.

Quand ma copine de retour de la guerre? She asked again. This time, however, the carved holes of the statue's eyes seemed to look back at Madeleine. Her vision tunneled and all she could see was the blurred light of Saint Margaret, the Virgin of Antioch. Madeleine's breath caught.

She's not going to come home. But do not worry, child, the injustice brought against her will be amended in Heaven. Many years from now, her patronage will shine upon millions, Saint Margaret assured, delicate lips unmoving against her glowing visage. The holy woman shone brighter and brighter until Madeleine could see nothing else until, like a blink, she was staring again at the Son.

Madeleine wept for days on end, refusing to listen to any of the news of Jeanne's capture brought from the West. She did not even attend church. It wasn't until the twelfth sleepless night that she realized that not only was her faith in God being tested, but her faith in Jeanne herself. Saint Margaret had given Madeleine divine knowledge of just how true Jeanne's love, for her, for France, for God, was, and she was not honoring that love as Saint Catherine wanted. Finally, staring up at a half-full moon, Madeleine accepted that, cosmically, and really that was all that mattered, Jeanne would be okay.

"Je t'aime, Sainte Jeanne d'Arc," she whispered into the ear of the sky.

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Quand ma copine de retour de la guerre? When will my girlfriend return from war?

Certes, elle doit rentrer à la maison maintenant que nous sommes dans une trêve! Certainly, she will come home now that we are in a truce!

Je t'aime, Sainte Jeanne d'Arc. I love you, Saint Joan of Arc.