You're shaking, more like quaking with the force of something that could split the earth. Fear that's shuddering inside of you, a morbid, sordid fear that you wonder if it deserved existence. But exist it does, and exist inside of you. You question and writhe, twisting slimy thoughts through your head that fall far into the recesses of your mind, unable to be dragged back up and pushed away into oblivion. They sit there, bubbling over throughout the mind of its prey, mocking with a loathsome voice of the pain that it can cause. You're absolutely horrified, wondering how the world could conjure such a petrifying thing and let it slip so subtly into your hands and your mind. You wish you could pull it out with such a force that it shatters and turn into wisps in the air, floating along until it fads so high in the clouds it no longer exists. Yet pulling only makes it dig in deeper. There's no way either, as you wish there was, to drape a white blanket of pure innocence across it. When something has engrained itself in the mind so deep only death can take it from your grasp and even then with death it is the last memory that will rest forever.

There's no way for you to escape the torrent of fear, to hide from the dreadfulness that sits so mockingly within your mind. All you can do is look forward, accept the fate that awaits you and mutter under your breath 'I hate speeches.'