I remember when the daylight hid my sin.
Everything hurt so bad, but i couldn't feel it then.

Lost in a living corpse, my spirit screamed inside the bed.
Everyone left me beating on the walls, and then, a voice had called.

Out! To all the monsters who care as much as you do.
Numbing happy memories and all the values, there, in view.

I think if I have a heart left for someone elses taking.
I don't think I'd ever feel the fucking thing breaking.

I think if I had a good life in the making.
I doubt it could out last my shivers and shaking.

It was with a blossom in the bloodshed.
I left those sorrows with my goal.
I stopped the misery in my heart from tearing down your soul.
I left those memories you cling to... But, what else could I do?

I have a bleeding soldier within me whose still living without you.

All you did was show me the life that living will take away.
You showed me the sun that sets at the end of every day.

So, I don't want flowers for my tombstone.
I'd rather see the blossoms bloom.

No, I don't care to see your sorrows.
When I've enough to face tomorrow.

I didn't mind the awful things in life, because a thought helped me survive.

It was this dream that you would love me... Love me, while I'm alive.