Chapter 7

The phone call woke him out of a sound sleep. It was after two in the morning as Jess came to his senses and reached for his cell on the bedside table, not bothering to turn on the light.

"Hello?" He mumbled into the speaker.

"Did I wake you?" The question was followed by a giggle and Jess recognized the voice right away. "Are you alone?" She added with a tease.

"Horribly alone," Jess sighed, amazed to hear her voice. It was their first communication of any form since they said their goodbyes at LAX nearly five months earlier.

"That might change real soon," Dallas told him.

Wide awake now, Jess sat up in the bed. "What are you talking about?" He asked.

"I wanted to talk to you before you saw anything in the news," Dallas sad.

"I don't understand," Jess said.

"Netflicks wants to do a reboot of The O'Sullivans," Dallas announced happily. "You in?"

"Me!?" Jess asked with disbelief.

"The premise is that Danny and Gertie get the act back together again with their own kids and spouses," Dallas explained. "Annie could do a couple of cameos if she wanted. Maybe even Myra –who knows!?"

"Myra would never do it," Jess replied.

"Will you?" Dallas asked bluntly. "There's no point of me going further with this project if you're not in," she said. "They're getting some of the old writers and producers and directors back together too. It will be fun but it won't work if they have to recast Danny. Will you do it?"

"What about my life here?" Jess asked.

"Let your associate run the business again," Dallas told him. "And your place there can be our getaway home."

"You're not with anybody either?" he asked.

"Don't be silly," she laughed. "I'm with you. I love you."

Jess smiled happily into the phone. "I love you too."

"Organize your affairs there," Dallas ordered. "You'll need to get your ass out here as soon as you can."

"And I won't even have to worry about the room number this time," Jess grinned.

"Won't it be nice to make love in one place?" Dallas asked.