The world is changing so rapidly and so horribly

It's like a burning fire

Consuming everything and never stopping.

I stand alone burning in these flames

I writhe in agony

I wish for the cold relief of death

Yet, I cannot die!

I feel each one of my limbs turn to ash

The pain in my body disappears for the briefest of instants

Suddenly, my soul has 10,000 swords piercing it!

It freezes more horribly than an arctic wind and simultaneously burns hotter than the flame!

If, I had blood, it would be pouring out of me like a waterfall. I crave oblivion yet I need to exist.

I feel pity for those others with me, writhing in their own personal balls of fire. Like me, they ran towards their fiery

doom, without even realizing it!

The fire...

From afar it looks so warm and beautiful.

Men, women, and children run towards it in hopes of receiving warmth and light


I will only use the rest of my existence to warn and save the rest. The ones that haven't experienced the pain yet

those, who foolishly run towards the flame. "Not everything is as it seems!" I warn through my screams, far louder than those of the damned!

This is what our world has become

A world on fire

And a world of death

Be warned, my friends

Don't run towards the burning world