- the absence of light in a place and a weather condition marked by low temperatures -

it was always dark, you remember

before, that is

it was dark and cold


Dark and Cold

that's better

it was Dark and Cold and you felt it and your brothers felt it and your sisters felt it

and you didn't like it

you're not sure if they hated it the way you did

the ones you were close to didn't

you don't really care about the others

there are too many of them for you to care for each one

and even if there weren't, the caring is a weakness

you don't know why you let yourself care for these three at all

but anyway

it was Dark

and Cold


and you didn't like it

you didn't like the NOTHING

so you did the impossible

you changed reality

you and those three

you four

you made something.

something was so much better than NOTHING

but for some reason


means you get bored

and even though something is better than NOTHING

and it was no longer Dark

or Cold

it was still dark and cold

and while the others didn't understand that

the darkcold

they understood the boredom

so you came together

and you Created.

brother, big brother

gave Creation a form

and sister, big sister

thought it was boring

and gave more

they fought for a while

you're not sure how that was resolved

but they're big

and you're small

and you don't need to worry about it

sister, little sister

thought there was still something missing

so she gave Creation a shell

a pretty shell

and she decorated it with the others' help

but you

you made the core

and you made it everything you had wanted

and it was not only not-Dark

and not-Cold

but not-dark

and not-cold.

you basked in it

the beauty of Creation

but little sister thought it needed a name

you argued for a time

but eventually called it


you liked it

it wasn't your favorite name

but you liked it.

soon, though

you grew bored again

it was worse this time

because you knew it better

and its opposite

you were bored

and they were too

so you did as you did the last time

you Created

you Created Things to walk World

since you couldn't

brother, strong brother, sturdy brother

Created sprites

he made so many


and nymphs

and elves

and he named them sprites


sister, sure sister, free sister

Created nixies

she made many too


and sirens

and fairies


and she named them nixies


sister, swift sister, serene sister

Created angels

also many


and sylphs

and stars

and she named them angels


but yours were the best


Sprites might have given World civilization

Nixies might have given World fun

Angels might have given World beauty

but Demons gave World something better

with Demons it wasn't just not-Dark

and not-Cold

or not-dark

and not-cold

it was Light

and Warm.

little sister

said that your Things need a name

as a whole

like you gave World

it took you even longer than before

your Things prospered




you thought Things was a good name

a fine name

but little sister and big sister and big brother said that you were wrong

you eventually gave them a name


you were not sure how to feel.

then they came

you didn't notice at first

your Demons made such nice Light

such comforting Warm

and it was so fun to watch World

and Fae

that sometimes you forgot to see.

you called them Men

as though you knew that was their name

you didn't like them

they were ugly

and clumsy

and stupid

not like the Fae




and they reminded you of a time before Light

and Warm

before not-dark

and not-cold

before dark

and cold

to Dark

and Cold

and you hated them.

your Demons didn't like them either

you felt proud

they were smart

they made sense

they understood

they never strayed from Light

and Warm

and they found

that against the Men


and Warm


they call it fighting


taking part in a violent struggle involving the exchange of physical blows or the use of weapons

they have fights


violent confrontations or struggles

they name lots of things

the Fae

and the Men

like little sister

and they named Fight

Demons Fight with Light and Warm

it Burns

they didn't call it Light and Warm

but you couldn't remember what they said.

Fight was fun for you

it feels like Light

and Warm

rushing through everything you are

but the others didn't feel that.

little sister is the first to leave

she didn't like Fight

and the Men were getting tougher

not smarter

just harder to beat

you liked the challenge

and you liked Fight

but she didn't

and Angels didn't

the few who were left

she gathered them


sweet sister, soft sister, little sister


things changed without her

there was a great vacuum in you

you didn't like it

the vacuum was empty

emptiness is like nothingness

which is like NOTHING

which is Dark and Cold

which you hate

so you Fight


when the Light and Warm

doesn't feel so

Light and Warm

you remember the name they gave her

she so loved names

little sister


big brother left next

he didn't want to

but neither did big sister

and she was more stubborn than he


reliable brother, constant brother, big brother,


he left a great chasm behind

and sometimes

it was all you could do to hang on to Light

and Warm

and you remembered his name as well


big sister left not much later

you didn't want her to leave

but she never really listened to you


wild sister, clever sister, big sister



Air Earth Water


your Demons started losing

they were pushed out into the open

away from Light and Warm

and were losing

and as they lost

Light and Warm

faded to not-dark and not-cold.


why don't they understand

you can't go back

not to NOTHING

not to darkcolddarkcoldDarkColdDarkColdNO.

all your Demons left

you can't find them anywhere

you don't know where they've gone

but they've left

and you're stuck with the Men

who you hate

you're not sure what to do.

you remember what they called you


you like the name

you don't like the name

you don't know if you like the name



you like.

eventually you realize that what feels so wrong

about World

is that it's not there

just another thing the Men have destroyed.

it's dark

and cold

dark and cold


Dark and Cold.