Cloud Nine

They weigh a tonne and yet they float above us

and when they clash thunder and lightning reign supreme

Rumbling, Gumbling, Tumbling and Thundering

Winds blow and seas rage

Ships are tossed and turned about

And trees are knocked right to the ground

And shutters shake

And papers flee

Plastic bags fly

And children "squee!"

With no regard for if you're scared

or if you're sleeping, they do not care

And work starts early, and you need to be there

Rumble rumble rumble they shall

And yet the clouds they keep us warm

On cold days they keep heat in

Like a blanket laid across the world.

Float float float they shall.

And when it's dry they send down rain

They water plants to grow again

And give us drinks to hydrate us.

Rain rain rain they shall

And when it's cold they spit out snow

(or hail or sleet or slush oh no)

But if it stays and if it settles

No more school to get us rattled

And war with friends in a snow ball battle

And we'll slide down mountains

And build up men

And give him a scarf so he won't freeze to death.

Snow snow snow they shall

(But the cold never bothered me anyway)

But when there's sun they'll disappear

allow the sun to shine on us

And they keep the light from blinding us

Or burning us (or tanning us)

and when it gets too hot

That we just can't stand it

The clouds will be there to showers us.

Wisps wisps wisps they are.

And when they're angry they'll let you know

But they're the only thing I've ever known

So when rain showers us at the worst of times

And I'm with no umbrella waiting for the bus

or my books get wet

or I step in a puddle and my feet get soaked

I won't curse the skies

Because they give me hope.