Written on 21st July 2017

Dank Memes 3


A meme is a fast spreading idea.

And believe me when I say memes are fast spreading.

Spanning Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram in seconds

Invading every platform of social media

Being remixed, reworked, added upon by hundreds

Being shared amongst the thousands

and LOLed at by the millions

But still dismissed by the billions.


And yes sure memes are jokes

To be made fun of and poked

To cheer you up when you are sad

To advertise some fad

To show noughties kids about Arthur

And nineties kids about Pepe

And eighties kids about Sebastian Stan

(bow down to the meme lord)


And we don't know what the floor is

but we all know we want our pizza BONELESS

and we all know Salt Bae

And the fact that we're all the SAME

And we all know Rain Drop, Drop Top

But Redbone is to blame

and we all know we how to spell Prague

because we're 'Bad Bitches' according to Minaj

And you see a funny face you simply click and type "ME"

and we all call ourselves trash, then turn around and yell "BITCH PLEASE!

I'M FABULOUS!" which just makes us LOL some more

and we're all just freaking rolling, laughing on the floor


And we all know 'Special Snowflakes' are not happy that they lose

And we all know those CNN reporters (pft they're fake news)

And all the reaction vids on Youtube

and Vine is dead so they migrated to IG

And everyone's gluten and fat free

And every youtube channel is Buzzfeed

And every millennial is broke

Because they drink artisanal coffee

But you know house prices are up

And we couldn't afford it anyway bub

So I'm going to eat my avocado in peace

So you can hate but I've said my piece.