Crystal memories slipping, shattering against the open pages of our history

Days of laughter dancing in filtered rays of light, peaking between sheer purple curtains

Packed away, folded and taped for another time, another life

Sixteen years settling neatly into five cardboard tombs, pushed away, but not forgotten

Her photos pressed in pages of an album, never to be shared with future crushes, happiness ever frozen

She's gone and with her every trace is wiped clean, my always now past

The girl I once called twin now neatly tucked in the attic, my joy keeping her company

A painful reminder of the too-soon housed grave, three miles, five rows, six stones

The bed is gone, that silly bear put away, her smile torn from the walls, my double erased

Furniture tracks left in the carpet, that's all that's left of the sunny spirit who brightened my days

Prints in my carpet, prints on my heart, poor weakened organ sighing in my chest, forever forgetting how to beat