She tingled, all over. Today, she was, technically, becoming one of them, so that he could legally espouse her to himself in whatever passed for matrimony in their society. She knew full well what would happen to her then, and she shivered at the prospect, tensing inside. She needed not imagination, but only memory, to supply the feel of his hand on her waist, soft and gentle and possessive, the touch of his lips, sweet and questing and dominant.

She closed her eyes and swallowed, forcing down the raging hungry desire that sought to send her, malleable and helpless, straight into his arms, a willing prey. Burying it ruthlessly deep, locking it away behind an ever-weakening will that, though bending, still held sealed. At least now she admitted her ravenous hunger, better able to deal with it once she no longer denied its existence.

The door behind her opened, announcing his impending arrival, and she turned to exit. Hurrying down to the main doors, she went out into the gleaming light, spotting him immediately, even amongst the crowd. The burning passion dissipated into unadulterated joy, and she took off at a run. His arms opened to receive her, her bliss heightening as he folded her into a tight hug. The joy dissolved back into desire, though, as she looked up and saw that devilish smirk. She caught her breath, struggling not to respond in kind, heart suddenly pounding.

He bent down and she tilted her head back to meet him. The kiss was fleeting, barely there before it was over, leaving her, as always, wanting more. He stood straight, letting her go, before taking her hand and leading her off along the walk. She curled her fingers around his, craving the touch, the tangible knowledge of his presence. What had started out as a terrified huddle against an only constant in an alien world, had become something more – though she still felt safer with him than apart, it was no longer terror that kept her at his side.

He leaned over, whispering a promise in her ear and she caught her breath, desperately and fruitlessly trying to regulate her suddenly pounding heart. She walked wordlessly for a minute, struggling to formulate a response, his grin growing wider and wider as he watched her go pink. Finally she just swung lackadaisically at him, and he dodged out the way, chortling. She continued to sashay along in silence, lips pursed up tightly as she fought back a very persistent smirk. Another suggestive whisper later, and she gave up the battle in view of winning the war.

She pouted at him, in a pathetic bid to end the delicious torture. He laughed a little, coming around and stopping, enfolding her in a hug. She leaned into it, relishing the comfort, his presence, his own unique scent. Looking up, she saw that darkness lurking in his eyes that she'd come to love, that promised that though he'd stopped for now, for her sake, the conversation would go on later. She suppressed a shiver of anticipation, feeling something deep inside her tighten in expectation and want. For a moment, her mind ran away from her, to places she normally wouldn't let it go. With an effort, she dragged it back, still staring breathlessly up at him.

He leaned down and kissed her again, light and lightning-fast, gone before she knew what was happening, much less could return. And then he set off again, walking so quickly she had to trot to keep up, breathless with effort. Working to keep pace with him, she ruthlessly buried the part of herself that was screaming 'more more more more more more more!' Soon, she promised herself, and ignored the response of 'not nearly soon enough!'