First off, thank you to everyone who has read this story from start to finish, and special shoutout to those people who have been reading since the beginning. I'm honestly flabbergasted that this story got so much attention when I first published it (by my standards, lol) because to me, it was almost therapeutic to write.

I never meant for Broken Carts to be as long as it turned out to be. I initially imagined it as a fun side-project to write when I wasn't feeling inspired to write Roommate, Soulmate (unsurprisingly another long-term project I finished this year). But Milo & Ezra's story took me far past the confines I'd set up for them in my mind, and I let it happen.

As I said in my afterword to Roommate, Soulmate, I have a lot of regrets about posting chapters right after I wrote them back when I began this story. It locked me in place with a lot of details that should've been liquid and changeable until I saw how the characters needed to grow, not necessarily how I wanted them to grow... if that makes sense.

It's funny. When I think about how many endings I imagined for this story in my head, every last one of them is indicative of where I was in my life at the time I thought it up. I don't think I could have written an ending for this story at any other point in my life but right now, however, because of how I've personally been able to grow and what I've experienced.

So I genuinely hope you are satisfied with the resolution of Milo & Ezra's story; in my opinion, it couldn't have turned out any other way.

These characters still live on (as all of my characters do!) and maybe when I'm feeling inspired, I'll update with a few post-story vignettes to show you just what happens after the curtain closes.

For now, thank you from the bottom of my heart for reading this. I'm incredibly grateful today and every day for anyone who finds worth in these characters that mean so much to me.