Chapter 1: Heartbeat

The land is divided into eight each for each direction of the compass, such as North, Northeast, East, and so on, each of them is ruled by a race. The North Kingdom is ruled by the Great Elves who live within the hidden forests. But other races live there, one in particular is the Frost Elves who live in a village in the mountains.

Significantly less powerful than their relatives, as well as having shorter life spans than them, the Frost Elves have choosen to remain in solitude in the mountains where they may live in peace. Over the centuries the Frost Elves have built a thriving civilization for themselves in the small village. This is were the story begins...

A pale skinned Frost Elf women was tending to her kitchen when a little girl ran in. This little girl was about six and had bright blue eyes and black hair.

"Mommy mommy, look look." she said excited as her mother turned around.

"What is it dear?" the mother asked smiling.

The young girl turned her palms upwards and then small blizzards came up from them freezing the air in their paths. The mother smiled, "You have a very wonderful gift Rin, you will be a wonderful mage just like your father."

"I will?" she asked not certain what that meant, but still being happy.

The mother placed her hands on her daughter's hands, "Yes, you will." she told her.

In only seven years she began learning more and more how to use her powers. She excelled a fast pace...

Rin quickly ran sideways to her right as she shot a countinued stream of ice magic at the target dummies lined up for her. When she turned to her left and started running forwards another dummy popped out of the snow.

"Eek!" she exclaimed as she fell backwards having not expected that.

... but she still has a long way to go. Her instructor facepalmed.

It was only on her fifteenth birthday that everything changed.

Rin's P.O.V.

"Rin wake up." I awoke from hearing my mother call.

I looked around my small room, I was still half asleep and had bedhead as I looked around until I remembered exactly what today was. Quickly I got up and dressed in my practice robes, which were made from a white shirt with a blue line going down the middle and sleeves that go down to just above the elbows, white pants, the women are supposed to were long dresses, but those are to restricting, and a white hood which I never wear. Also there was a simple blue belt with some simple mage items like minor potions and such.

I ran out of my room, "Hey mom." I said quickly as I took the bread she handed me.

"Good luck." she said as I ran to the door, "And be careful."

"I will." I assured her as ran outside and completely jumped over the steps, "Yahoo!"

I took a right and ran down the street past the busy vendors and blacksmiths. I ran past a few of my classmates until I found a grey haired and brown eyed girl about my age, "Hey Espérer!" I said to her as I walked up next to her.

"Oh, hey Rin." she smiled, "Are you excited about today?" she asked.

"Of course." I said walking with my hands behind my head, "There is no way I wouldn't be."

Espérer giggled, "It's really amazing that today is the day for you. I still have a long ways to go before I get to your level."

"Don't worry, you just need to have spirit and determination and you can do anything." I said with determination of my own.

I had not been looking at where I was going and when I reached a corner I ended up bumping into someone and falling backwards. When I looked over I saw that the other person, who wore black hooded robes and a rope belt, was trying to gather some scattered books.

"Oh sorry, let me help you with that." I said as I started helping pick up his books.

"Oh thank you, but you need not apologize, it was my fault." he said as he stood up revealing a catlike face with black and white fur.

"Well, I guess I'll see you around." I said giving him back his books.

"Yes, certainly."

It was then that I noticed he wore a bracelet with a dragon on it. I was trying to figure out what it was because it just seemed odd to me, but when Espérer reminded me, "Hey Rin, we should hurry, the ceremony is starting soon." I snapped out of it.

My eyes widened as I had forgotten for a second. I quickly turned around and ran to the academy. It was a somewhat grand academy, in appearance it was a palace, upon entering through the gates you would find a courtyard, and beyond that is the academy, a tower on each side and somewhat of one in the middle above a portcullis in a large doorway. Standing in front of the doorway was the headmaster wearing similar robes with a gold trim.

I walked forwards with pride, and a fair amount of excitement. The others were forming lines on each side of the path. Today is the day. The headmaster smiled, a very rare occurrence, he held in his left hand a spell book and in his right a bracelet.

"Rin de la Glace," he began as I stood before him, "On this day you have reached the age of fifteen and mastered the required arts and spells, along with a few others, to become a Frost Mage."

I bowed as is a custom for this ceremony, the ceremony of magehood among the Frost Elves. I was getting very excited.

"You must now accept this bracelet and this index to become a Frost Mage, guardian of our people and protector of this city." he spoke as he extending his arms forwards offering both of the items.

I took them and bowed, 'This is so awesome!' I thought to myself.

The headmaster opened his mouth to speak again, but only sound heard was an explosion and then the crash of the tower on the right falling to the ground covered in flames. Everyone's eyes turned to see the giant crimson horned lizard with enormous wings.

"Dragon!" came a cry of fear as many began the flee.

The high ranking Frost Mages immediately formed a line to protect the people as they raised their hands and shot beams of ice at the beast. When the magic got half way the Dragon used its own magic to send flames towards them. In only a matter of seconds the fire pushed their magic back. It took a moment for my mind to process what had happened, one moment the fire magic was at their hands and the next the Frost Mages were scattered across the ground, some of them with flames over themselves.

The Dragon jumped off of the building and landed in the courtyard roaring into the air as flames shot to the sky. This was horrible, I fell to my knees. So many times I had dreamed of about having adventures and using my magic to protect people, but now, I am to scared to even move.

"Rin... please run." came a weak voice from my left side.

I turned my head as I recognized the voice. It was my friend Espérer. She was on the ground looking at me with a large brick on her.

"Espérer! Just hold on, I'll help you." I began to push the brick off of her.

Once I had removed it from her I saw that there was blood covering her abdomen. I looked at her face in fear only for her to smile and say, "It's okay, don't worry about me. You need to get out of here."

"I can't leave you!" I said looking back at her injury, "Guérison Congelés!" I cast the spell Frozen Healing.

After a few moments I looked at her face, "You're going to to be okay." I tried to reassure her though I did not know myself.

"Goodbye Rin..."

When I looked at her again I saw that she wasn't moving though her eyes were still open. I stopped the spell and then put my hands on her shoulders, "Espérer? Are you okay? Espérer!" I began to shake her, "Please, I can't lose you!" after a second I buried my face in her chest, "You're my best friend." I cried quietly.

The Dragon had cornered several students and was about to set them ablaze when sharp shards of ice struck the side of its neck. It turned to see me with tears in my eyes, rage on my face, blood on my clothes, and ice shards floating between my hands, which were to my left side. I began to fling them at the monster, though they seemed to do little more than anger it, but I didn't care I was going to kill it for what it did to Espérer.

It opened its mouth as magma dripped from it and a glow came from its mouth.

"Mur de Gel!" I casted a spell that raised a wall of ice in front of myself to block the Dragon's breath.

It held for five seconds of continued damage before shattering sending shards of ice everywhere, but I had already regained enough energy by then, "Incertitude Froide!" it seemed like I had only thrown a snowball at its face, but it then broke and spread a small cloud of fog around it, it roared and breathed flames, but couldn't see me to aim, giving me the time to cast my next spell, "Orbe de Glace!" using much of my magic I formed a giant sphere of ice around both the Dragon and myself.

The beast began bashing the sides of the sphere, "Time to die." I said, "Pointes Froides!" I said using the last magic I had as spikes of ice shot from the walls and impaled it.

It roared in pain as it struggled. With the last bit of life it had left it broke a spike off, which then fell towards me. I was to caught up in my rage to of been able seen it until it pierced my chest. Was this it? Was I going to die? I fell backwards to the groundas the ice shattered. As I lay there I saw across the path was my mother, motionless on the ground, she had come to congratulate me for becoming a Frost Mage.

I had truly lost everything I thought as my vision began to darken. Before I knew it, I couldn't see anything.

"I am sorry. It was the only way." I could hear a voice, but who said it, and who were they talking to? I still couldn't see anything. I soon started to feel numbness in my chest.

"Are you waking?" that voice was slightly familiar which is what caused me to open my eyes.

I was on a bed covered by a blanket and in a shack of some sort. To the right of me were some potions, spellbooks, and medical equipment. When I looked to my left I saw the cat person from before. This time he wasn't wearing a hood, so I could see his black fur and cat ears with a bit of pink in them, under his chin and down the front of his neck was white fur.

"Who are you?" I asked him.

"I am Dubh, Cait Sith of the Southeast Kingdom." he said.

The Southeast was ruled by the Fairies, I didn't know about Cait Sith though. I sat up and leaned my back against the wall, because of this I felt a slight pain. Looking down I saw my chest was covered in bandages.

"You should be careful, your wounds are not yet healed." Dubh said with a sad pur in his voice.

So, it wasn't just a dream, that means that Espérer and mom really are... I leaned my head down into my hands and cried.

"There there child." he said patting my back, "Dubh shall take care of you."

In this story each of the eight kingdoms have a language based on a human language. Their language will be shown in their spells. Rin's is French and Dubh's is Scottish. In the comments of later chapter I would like to challenge you to find out what language each race uses when they are revealed.