A nice warm breeze gently waved at the tips of the branches and leaves at the top of the tree, I sat on the swing attached to the tree, kicking up the dust with my bare toes. I took a small breath of mountain air, the pollen in the air made my nose itch, I yawned and looked up at the blue sky dotted with puffy white clouds, I looked over to the door that squeaked open and shut loudly. I saw blond shaggy hair basketball shorts and a grey T-shirt. I sighed and turned away hoping my friend would hurry up the person who came out that was her brother, he felt like my brother too her family was my family.

"Sup." He said winking which wasn't abnormal it's just something he does along with wiggling his eye brows, he's about the farthest thing from normal that you can get.

"Just waiting for Alexis." I replied kicking up more dust with my toes, I looked over at the two horses grazing in the field, I squinted at the sky then looked back at Brandon.

"Hey, wanna help me with something?" he said casually, I shrugged and got up from the swing and walked towards him.

"Sure why not, whatcha need, and what do I get out of it?" I said smirking and beginning to follow him to the shed.

"Hmmm… twenty bucks… I guess." Brandon said shrugging, I laughed and shrugged and just went with it, the door was a pain to open as always.

"Soo…?" I said looking at him and waiting.

"Get those drumsticks." He pointed at the floor, under a small stand, his drumsticks sat. I picked them up and swung them back without looking. I heard him catch them, then drop them I laughed and looked back at him he grinned, it made me uncomfortable but I shook it off. I started to get up but was pushed back down.

"Brandon what are you doing!?" I said annoyed and began to get up again, this time he was behind me by my ass and he grabbed my waist. His hand slid down my shorts and pulled them down I squirmed but he had a tight grip on my waist.

My body began to tremble I felt so embarrassed because my underwear and the whole situation, I felt so small and I hid my face in shame, and wouldn't let myself cry or say anything, even though they brimmed my eyes, and I clamped my mouth shut.

He slid his hand up my shirt, I was a freaking "A" cup they were small but he didn't care, he squeezed them and I resisted crying. His hand slid out of my shirt, he pulled down his shorts leaving him in his boxers, he was hard against my ass, he pressed harder and harder and his breathing got heavier, and his hand slid up my shirt again squeezing harder.

He brought his lips up to my ear and gently grazed it, and bit my neck I cried out and whined for him to stop.

"Now you won't tell anyone got it." He said grabbing my ass so hard it started bruising as soon as he let go of it. I nodded and heard Tod, his dad and Alexis come out and announce dinner. I got up and pulled up my shorts and glared at him wiped away my tears and smiled and followed Brandon out the shed door.

"She was helping me look for my drumsticks, we found em." He said holding them up I rolled my eyes, felt like I should tell someone but I kept my mouth shut and went to dinner.