I hold my hand open,
To take the blade.
Forged from iron,
Torn from the bones of the earth.

My body is likewise forged,
To match the blade.
That fills my hand,
Steel set into flesh and bone.

I do not take the shield,
Because my hands are not forged.
To guard my flesh.

I do not take the sword,
To end the lives of those before me.
Though that is its purpose,
And mine.

I take the sword,
Not to kill but to save.
That by my struggle and the life I take,
Others may live their lives fully.

I take no shield,
Because by the taking of the sword,
I become the shield.

My flesh to stand before the storm,
Steel in hand.
Until the fury has passed.

Steel forged to match flesh,
Forged to meet the flame.
And in our mutual purpose,