Dancing in the sunlight,

I cavorted in joyful peace.

Living for the day,

Living for the joy of love.

Until the shadows came,Dousing the sunlight with my joy.

And I wept in the shade,

I wept for the peace I lost.

And they came for me,

To turn my body and soul to I dried my tears,

Drowning them in the work.

They took the entirety of me,

Bent to destruction of all opposed to,

Their goals.

But I dreamt the whole time.

As my soul darkened,

Drowning in the ash of war.

I dreamt of dancing,

Dancing for the joy of loving.

And I knew that the day would come,

When I could turn my blades to plows.

Live for the sake of life,

Love for the sake of loving,

Never again to raise a hand in war.