Chapter 7

Wilma helped the Fontaine's fun-raisers pick up their camp while Coach Coyne assisted in mentoring the Hillsboro High School team in getting ready to go too. It had been a successful relay with an unexpected bonus when Wilma and Paul happened to re-met once again.

Wilma was pleased when Paul walked with her to the parking lot. They were sweaty and messy and exhausted from their sixty mile jog into happiness and fulfillment and Wilma was aware that she had a chance here for a real do-over - not some insane fantasy about being a high school cheerleader - but about pursing a relationship with the only guy who ever really knew her at all.

"Would you like to stop by for some breakfast?" Wilma boldly asked as they approached the parking lot.

"That would be nice," a pleased Paul replied.

Wilma kept eyeing Paul's car in her rear view mirror as he followed her home. She thought about that last Sunday afternoon in Hillsboro all those years ago and how wonderful she felt being with him. She hadn't felt that same spark of satisfaction and contentment with any other man she'd been with and she hadn't been with anybody since Charlie died. She knew it was time to "complete her life" as her therapist put it and she knew that Paul was the missing piece.

Paul parked in the driveway behind her and he was peering down the street when Wilma joined him on the front lawn.

"It seems so long ago now," Paul said. "My parents sold the house years ago. Sometimes I forget I even lived here."

"I never forget," Wilma said.

She led him into the house which she had cleaned and fixed up since Grammy died. Wilma had painted the walls bright cheerful colors and Paul noticed the difference right away.

"It feels like me now," Wilma smiled.

"I bet your Grandmother would be happy to know you're doing so well," Paul told her. "You didn't turn out like your parents."

"It was still a tough journey," Wilma sighed.

"But you reached the promised land."

She nodded in gratitude. "I should shower before handling food," she realized.

"Of course," Paul agreed.

She gave him a long look as they stood in the kitchen doorway. "You too?" She wondered.

"Well, yeah, I'm pretty grimy," Paul admitted.

"Come on," Wilma invited, motioning him to follow her down the hall to the bathroom.

Wilma stripped out of her running clothes and suddenly she was naked, just like the last time Paul had been inside her house on that memorable Sunday afternoon. She smiled as she watched him strip naked too without protest and she turned to run the shower.

And then Paul was standing behind her, wrapping his arms around her waist and massaging her still small breasts and Wilma happily pressed herself against him, feeling his penis rubbing against her ass.

"I've always wanted you," Paul whispered into her ear. "There was never anybody else."

Wilma felt her heart melt and she smelled their familiar scent, giving her a flashback to that day when his runner's sweat made her so horny and wanting. The water running, Wilma stepped into the shower and Paul followed. They soaped each other's sweat and dirt off their bodies and Paul kissed her underneath the spray.

It was only then that Wilma realized that her legs had turned into mush from the sixty miles of running and that she didn't have the strength to stay standing any longer. She lay on the bottom of the tub and spread her legs as she looked up at Paul with hope and desire.

Paul dropped to his knees with the shower spray bouncing off his back, tracing the folds of her vagina with his finger before slowly slipping his penis inside her and all was right with the world again.

"Full circle," Wilma said happily.

They slept together all day, exhausted from their therapeutic all night running seminar and when they finally awoke Paul invited Wilma out to dinner at the Greenville Grille.

"Our first date," Wilma laughed as they cuddled naked in her bed.

"Took you long enough to say yes," Paul smirked, kissing her nose.

"I wanted to be sure," Wilma giggled cheerfully.