Many years ago, there was a great and terrible war. The very personification of evil and cruelty sought to destroy humanity and everything they had done. Many lives were lost. Fear and darkness enveloped the world. Humanity fought against that which wanted to tear the world apart at its seams.

But then, they discovered something wonderful. Power. Humanity had found the source of power and energy for all things on Earth, the very power needed to save everyone. They won the terrible war. Dark forces were defeated, for now. Peace returned.

A group of leading scientists who had helped develop humanity's weapons in the war decided the power was too dangerous to be left out in the open for anyone to access. Something had to be made that could hold the power and keep it safe until it was needed again. No mere object could accomplish this task. So the scientists gave it a human form.

A lab-grown human body was created to encase the power. A young girl with a destiny even they did not yet understand. They dubbed this girl "Experiment 213." She was completely isolated from contact with the outside world. No one but the scientists and employees of the designated lab and its supervisor was allowed to be around her. Her supervisor was a cruel, horrible man. Some of her scars didn't come from the experiments and tests done on her.

Nobody ever really thought of how dangerous this little girl could be, despite her carrying that ancient power. She had her own free will, of course, but if the evil forces in hiding discovered her existence, terrible things could happen. If they were to convince her that doing horrible, wicked things would fix everything that was wrong... If they could get her on their side... Who knows what destruction this girl could cause? But not a soul considered that.

In their curiosity, many tests were run by the scientists on this girl, seeing how that ancient power affected her body. Surprisingly, she seemed to be just fine. But the stress from everything her supervisor did to her and all the experiments ran stacked up. Twelve years of living in a harsh, sterile lab environment can do terrible things to a young child. However, the girl seemed to be okay, for a while.

One day, something went terribly wrong. A failed experiment caused a massive release of energy from the poor girl's body. A huge explosion wiped out the whole lab and a surrounding area of at least a mile. Every single scientist, doctor, and lab hand in the building was killed. There were nearly a hundred casualties. There hadn't been a loss of life due to unnatural causes that great since the war, almost thirteen years ago. Rescuers rushed to the wreckage, but to no avail. Every person that had been in the lab at the time was already dead. Except for one lucky soul.

The only one left alive was the girl, who was the source of the explosion to begin with, albeit unintentionally. It was merely a horrible accident. Or at least, that's what everyone deduced.