Several years later, there was a house with a happy little family. The quiet, peaceful calm had settled over everything. A normal life could be lived. Happiness and content was all that was to be found. Everyone in this small family was quite pleased with their situations.

For they had been given something wonderful. Hope. They were given the hope that they could have this kind of life a few years ago. Their hopes paid off. There was nothing else to worry about. Everyone could finally relax.

A leading scientist who'd made weapons in a war long ago settled down with the love of his life he'd once lost but who'd been given back to him. Something had turned a traitor's heart, even if only for a short while, to bring her back. So, the woman lived again.

A happy young girl grew into a beautiful young woman, so closely resembling her mother. This girl was marked with a number, but carried a much more lovely name, "Sarah." She was quite happy to be with her mother and father, and her younger brother of two years. Her life was far better now. Some scars from years ago had finally started to fade.

No one ever really thought that this girl could bring about such a happy domestic life. She had chosen to do much good with her free will, despite the desperation of evil forces. Not one attempt from such people had brought her to do terrible things. She chose the right side, the good side. Nobody had really known what would happen. Nobody had considered this sort of outcome at all.

Many things had tested her and the ancient power swirling inside her body. To everyone's great surprise, and the delight of many, she came out fine. All the stress from the terrible things done to her was starting to fade away and disappear. Three years of living free from a harsh lab and dangerous situations can do that to people. The girl was quite alright.

Nobody realized that this would come of something that had gone so terribly wrong. The failed experiment from years ago had brought forth the hero this world needed. That explosion had only taken out a few androids and one terrible, inhuman man. The girl had later saved everyone in the whole world. Not one person from the tense battle where she revealed her true power had died. With her desperation, she'd prevented a loss of life as great as the war nearly fifteen years ago. Everyone, especially her family, could finally be free from darkness and such terrible danger. The little family could all rest and relax and be happy for a little while-Patrick, the scientist; Mary, his resurrected wife; Konnor, their little son; and their wonderful daughter Sarah, who'd saved everyone.

Perhaps the happiest was the girl, Sarah, whose life had changed for the better, definitely the most of all. Yes, everyone was most certain about that.