Poem #1

A Vision of Absence

Written September 5, 2016

When we were friends, the light was bright. But now we're not and I miss the light.

It went out like a candle, quavering and shaking. It was like my whole world was breaking.

Everything was falling down to the ground. I told you to look but you just turned around.

That's when I knew nothing would be the same. But was I the one to blame?

I couldn't get an answer; your door was locked tight. All the daytime was becoming night.

So in the nighttime, I laid waiting. My heart beating fast as I was anticipating.

But then to my shock, I saw it there. In the corner, an empty chair.

I remained speechless, what could I say? The darkness had come and taken you away.

When I could again speak, I let out a cry. Why did this happen? I wish I knew why!