Poem #9

It's All Over (Into the Ocean I Go)

I heard you speak.

But I couldn't make out the words you were saying.

I feel so weak.

What kind of game do you think you're playing?.

You're by my side.

But I think you're too close to me.

I heard that you cried.

But I'm fine, as you can see.

At least that's what I say.

But to be honest, I'm lying.

You're in the way.

And I never stopped trying.

In my dreams I'm soaring.

But in real life I'm underground.

The rain just won't stop pouring.

And my love won't come back around.

What does this pitiful heart beat for?

I was too cowardly to take the blame.

Why do you open my door?

From now on, I'll live in shame.

I'll be the talk of the town.

But not in a good way.

So please just let me drown.

Or let the tide carry me away.