A memory lost


A drop of water
Sliding down the curve of the stone
Witnesses -
The innocent joy of two children
Who have known each other from birth
Who have made a vow to each other
Who know no greater joy
Whatever the future brings.

Shrouded by oncoming night,
They leap across the rocks,
Rushing water lending their passage
A frisson of danger.

She slips -
A loss of footing,
A moment of terror,
A flash of an image:
Lying broken and forgotten
Amid the unforgiving rocks and merciless torrents.

He slips -
A hand into hers,
A promise to protect,
A steady assurance:
Vowing to guide her and shelter her
Against the slippery path and treacherous ways they take.

Before the flashlights turn on
And their names ring in the night,
Before their camp counselors find them,
They are both already found.